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City Realmgate portal is a type of portal for fast travel between Royal Continent and Outlands:

  • Player character is bound to the first used city realmgate portal indefinitely. Binding prevents him from traveling through other city realmgate portals until the Binding Removal is used (cd. 7 days).
  • Return to the Royal Continent is possible through any outlands realmgate portal.
  • Using an outland realmgate portal connected to another city realmgate portal will change the player binding to a new location.
  • Caerleon realmgate has been collapsed after Avalonian invasion.
Royal continent.png
City Portal Color Connection to Maps Image
Carleon Red
  • actually inactive
Caerleon no rgate.png
Martlock Blue
  • Windgrass Portal West
  • Windgrass Portal North
  • Windgrass Portal South
Martlock new portals.png
Lymhurst Green
  • Hightree Portal West
  • Hightree Portal North
  • Hightree Portal East
Lymhurst new portals.png
Bridgewatch Yellow
  • Sandrift Portal West
  • Sandrift Portal North
  • Sandrift Portal East
Bridgewatch new portals.png
Thetford Purple
  • Widemoor Portal West
  • Widemoor Portal South
  • Widemoor Portal North
Thetford new portals.png
Fort Sterling White
  • Whitebank Portal North
  • Whitebank Portal South
  • Whitebank Portal East
FortSterling new portals.png