Rending Spin

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General Information

Rending Spin
Energy Cost 11 Swing your axe in a 5m radius around you, dealing physical damage based on the distance from you. Applies one Rending Bleed Charge to all enemies hit.
  • Distance: 2.5m | 5m
  • Damage: 149/163 | 224/247

Each Rending Bleed Charge deals 83/91 physical damage over 6s (stacks up to 3 times). If the maximum amount of stacks is reached, the affected enemies' Healing Received is reduced by 14% for 5s.

Cast Time Instant
Range 5m
Cooldown 3s

Note: numerical values are based on gear with 1100 item power. Spells with x/y values refer to 1h weapon/2h weapon values.


Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
28 July 2021Call to Arms Patch 9Added four new icons to better represent the corresponding abilities:
  • Blood Bandit (One-Handed Axe, E-slot)
  • Protective Beam (Enigmatic Staff, E-slot)
  • Arcane Orb (One-Handed Arcane Staff, E-slot)
  • Ground Shaker (Maces, W-slot)
31 May 2021Call to Arms Patch 5/6 & Hotfix 6.1Axes

The recent change to Rending Spin (which applied Rending Bleed stacks only on max distance) was making the ability unreliable in the live game, where players with various pings interact with each other. The decreased range and bleeding effect already reduced this ability's sustain in patch 4, and we will observe how it plays out with this change.

  • Rending Spin (all Axes):
    • Rending Bleed stacks are again applied to all enemies hit, regardless of their distance
2 February 2021Rise of Avalon Patch 13 (Balance Patch)Axes
  • Rending Spin (all Axes):
    • Max Damage: 75 → 68
  • Morgana Raven (Carrioncaller):
    • Cooldown: 16s → 18s
  • Razor Cut (Bearpaws):
    • Jump Time: 0.83s → 0.55s
    • Jump Range: 15m → 12m
    • Instant Damage: 160 → 140
    • Hitting at least one enemy player decreases the ability's cooldown by 40%