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The Repair Station is the building which allows you to repair your items for a Silver fee. Once your item has been repaired, its durability will be full again. If an item's durability reaches 0 then it becomes trash and cannot be repaired.

Favorite Food
Goat Sandwich


Name Tier Cost Material 1 Cost Material 2 Cost Material 3 Cost Material 4
Novice Repair Station 2 Rough Logs 90 Birch Planks 90 Rough Stone 90 Limestone Block 90
Journeyman Repair Station 3 Rough Logs 90 Chestnut Planks 90 Rough Stone 90 Sandstone Block 90
Adept Repair Station 4 Rough Logs 90 Pine Planks 90 Rough Stone 90 Travertine Block 90
Expert Repair Station 5 Rough Logs 90 Cedar Planks 90 Rough Stone 90 Granite Block 90
Master Repair Station 6 Rough Logs 90 Bloodoak Planks 90 Rough Stone 90 Slate Block 90
Grandmaster Repair Station 7 Rough Logs 90 Ashenbark Planks 90 Rough Stone 90 Basalt Block 90
Elder Repair Station 8 Rough Logs 90 Whitewood Planks 90 Rough Stone 90 Marble Block 90


T2 Repairstation
T3 Repairstation
T4 Repairstation
T5 Repairstation
T6 Repairstation
T7 Repairstation
T8 Repairstation

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