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General Information

The Repair Station is the building which allows you to repair your items, salvage items for resources, or improve an item's quality for a Silver fee

Once your item has been repaired, its durability will be full again

If an item's durability reaches 0 then it becomes trash and cannot be repaired

The Repair Station will only repair items that are the same tier as the Repair Station or lower

Building Upgrade Materials

Name Tier Cost Material 1 Cost Material 2 Cost Material 3 Cost Material 4
Novice Repair Station 2 Rough Logs 90 Birch Planks 90 Rough Stone 90 Limestone Block 90
Journeyman Repair Station 3 Rough Logs 90 Chestnut Planks 90 Rough Stone 90 Sandstone Block 90
Adept Repair Station 4 Rough Logs 90 Pine Planks 90 Rough Stone 90 Travertine Block 90
Expert Repair Station 5 Rough Logs 90 Cedar Planks 90 Rough Stone 90 Granite Block 90
Master Repair Station 6 Rough Logs 90 Bloodoak Planks 90 Rough Stone 90 Slate Block 90
Grandmaster Repair Station 7 Rough Logs 90 Ashenbark Planks 90 Rough Stone 90 Basalt Block 90
Elder Repair Station 8 Rough Logs 90 Whitewood Planks 90 Rough Stone 90 Marble Block 90

Building Demolish Returns (Tier 8)

Quanity Item Name
567 Rough Logs
567 Rough Stone
81 Birch Planks
81 Limestone Block
81 Chestnut Planks
81 Sandstone Block
81 Pine Planks
81 Travertine Block
81 Cedar Planks
81 Granite Block
81 Bloodoak Planks
81 Slate Block
81 Ashenbark Planks
81 Basalt Block
81 Whitewood Planks
81 Marble Block

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