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Reputation System

Your actions will give you positive or negative reputation value, which determine your reputation level (high to low): Glorious, Noble, Virtuous, Reputable, Neutral, Suspicious, Infamous, Villainous, Nefarious or Dreaded. Your reputation level is displayed with an icon next to your name, with a star for good citizens and a skull for criminals.

Your behavior and actions in The Outlands will not affect your reputation value and level. Nonetheless, your reputation will still be visible in The Outlands.

The goal of the reputation system is to reward players for being peaceful in the red and yellow zones and place a limit of the amount of ganking that criminals can do there, hence encouraging small scale selection PvP over zerging. The reputation system does not apply in the Outlands/black zones: PvP activities there are totally unrestricted.

Gaining Reputation

You will gain reputation by doing PvE or gathering in blue, yellow and red zones. The general rule is that the lower your reputation is, the easier it is to gain reputation.

Also, if your reputation is negative, you will regain reputation at a set rate each day - essentially, this is a negative reputation decay.

Losing Reputation

You can only ever lose reputation if you are flagged hostile and attack, knock-out or kill a player who is flagged friendly and has at least neutral reputation.

This means that: You will never lose reputation as long as you are flagged friendly. You will never lose reputation if you attack, knock-out or kill a players with negative reputation, even if that player is flagged friendly.

When a player is knocked-out or killed, all players who took part in the knock-out or kill will get full reputation losses. The reputation loss is not divided amongst the group. This discourages criminals from zerging up in the yellow and red zones.

The amount of reputation that you lose if you attack, knock-out or kill a player depends on the reputation level of that player. The loss is 0 if the targets reputation is negative. The reputation loss significantly increase the higher the reputation level of your victim is: while killing a neutral only costs 100 reputation, killing a glorious player already costs 1000.

Note that the reputation loss for knocking somebody out (in yellow zones) is much smaller than for killing somebody (in red zones).

Reputation levels

To see your current reputation, click on your character portrait in-game. Right below your character name under the Stats tab, your current reputation level and reputation number is shown. If you click on the little info icon to the right of this, you will see an overview of the reputation levels.

Reputation levels will determine which zones and cities you can access.

In addition to that, they will also determine how much reputation a criminal will use if he damages you, knocks you out or kills you, provided that you are flagged friendly. (see below for details)

The positive reputation levels will also give you a defensive PvP bonus when fighting hostiles, provided that you are flagged friendly.

Reputation Evil 4 Evil 3 Evil 2 Evil 1 Neutral (neg) Neutral (pos) Good 1 Good 2 Good 3 Good 4
Name Reputation Dreaded.png Dreaded Reputation Nefarious.png Nefarious Reputation Villainous.png Villainous Reputation Dreaded.png Infamous Reputation Suspicious.png Suspicious Neutral Reputation Reputable.png Reputable Reputation Virtuous.png Virtuous Reputation Noble.png Noble Reputation Glorious.png Glorious
Treshhold -20,000 -10,000 -3,000 -1,000 0 0 500 1,500 5,000 10,000
Change (decay) per day 2,000 500 750 1,000 0 0 0 0 0 0
Guard Attack Green, Red Green Green None None None None None None None
City Access All All All All All All All All All All
Royal Access No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Total decay time (days) No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Expedition Access No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Total decay time (days) 15.0 20.0 9.3 2.0
Rep Gain per Hour Grind 2,250 1,500 1,000 500 300 250 200 150 100 50
Hours Grind to Level Up 4.4 4.7 2.0 2.0 0.0 2.0 5.0 23.3 50.0
Rep Loss Evil 4 Evil 3 Evil 2 Evil 1 Neutral (neg) Neutral (pos) Good 1 Good 2 Good 3 Good 4
Kill/Assist 0 0 0 0 0 100 -250 -500 -750 -1000
Knockdown/Assist 0 0 0 0 0 5 -12.5 -25 -37.5 -50
Agrro/Assist 0 0 0 0 0 1 -2.5 -5 -7.5 -10

Tips for Peaceful Players and Criminals

Peaceful Players

If you are a peaceful player, a key goal to reduce your PvP risk in yellow and red zones is to increase your reputation levels. Not only will it give you a defensive bonus against criminals, but also will increase the reputation cost for such criminals to attack and kill you. If their reputation gets too low, they’ll be banished from the yellow and red zones entirely.

To show you how much that matters: if you are neutral, killing you costs 100 reputation to your killer. If you are Reputable, it goes up to 250. If you are Virtuous, it’s 500.

Our clear recommendation is to at least have Reputable status before doing serious activities in the yellow and red zones, unless you really don’t mind losing some gear in the process. The level where killing you truly hurts is from Virtuous status onwards.

What will help you a great deal is travelling in groups, even if they are small. Here is why: If you are in a group of 3, say, a solo player will not be able to kill you. If he brings friends, say for a total group size of 10, they will be able to kill you, but all of the attackers would get full reputation loss for each kill, hence making the total reputation loss equal to 30 1v1 kills.

Now, these levels of reputation loss are not sustainable for criminals in the long run, as they will get banished to the outlands. So they will have to be picky over their targets. The best thing you can do in order to not make yourself a worthwhile target is to only bring cheap gear that you can easily replace, and, when gathering, not to gather too much at once before going back to the city.

Note that as a peaceful player, you should really never flag hostile in yellow or red zones. You risk losing a lot of reputation if friendly players then draw you into combat. The higher your reputation is, the harder it is to grind back the reputation that you have lost.

In yellow and red zones, always watch the count of hostile players next to the mini-map. The higher that is, the more dangerous the zone will be. Also watch out for red circles on the mini-map: these are groups of more than 11 players who may try to kill or (gank) you.


You must manage your reputation levels, otherwise, you’ll get banished to the Outlands eventually. That means that you must pick your targets wisely. Here is how:

If you are not actively trying to gank somebody, always flag friendly. Otherwise, other friendly players can attack you, and if they do and you fight back, you might lose reputation in the process if their reputation is neutral or higher Take advantage of the fact that you can kill negative reputation players without losing any reputation, even if they are flagged friendly. If you are player killing in a zone for an extended period of time, there is a good chance that friendly players will zerg up and try and hunt you down. Fighting back is often a bad idea, even if you win, you’ll lose a lot of reputation. Running away / hiding is often the best option. When killing positive reputation players, make sure that the kill is worth it. Don’t kill low value targets with a high reputation level unless they are flagged as hostile. Keep your kill group as small as possible, or even go solo. The reputation loss for 5 players scoring 10 kills as a group is equal to the reputation loss of 5 solo players scoring 10 kills each - for a total of 50 kills. In a nutshell, the reputation system encourages small scale guerilla tactics and careful target selection.


Zone Lock-Outs

If your reputation level is below Suspicious, you can no longer access blue zones and once you are Nefarious you can only access the black zones. It doesn't matter how bad reputation is, you always have access to all the royal cities: Thetford, Martlock, Fort Sterling, Lymhurst, Bridgewatch and Caerleon.

Unrestricted PvP Zones

Once you enter Unrestricted PvP Zones, you will get a warning that you are entering an unrestricted PvP area, after which you are free to attack, knock down and kill other players on sight, without fearing any reputation loss. Use this to your advantage by luring friendly players into the unrestricted PvP zones where you can then kill them without reputation loss, you can also ask your guild members or friends to assist you without them fearing the penalty of reputation loss.

Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
25 April 2019Oberon Patch #4
  • Yellow zones now have the same reputation requirements as red zones, to avoid cases where players could get stuck in red zones
  • Minimum Reputation to enter yellow zones: -3,000 → -10,000