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General Information

When crafting or refining an item, you may be given back a certain amount of materials used to make that item. The amount of returned resources depends on the Resource Return Rate (RRR).

The Resource Return Rate is calculated from local production bonus via this formula: 1-1/(1 + (Local Production Bonus/100))

  • These two variables are tied to each other in that Local Production Bonus represents the percent increase in item output you would receive if you were to craft that item continuously until you couldn't anymore
  • RRR is the number of resources you're supplied back in order for that to happen
  • A general overview can be found via the information button on the local production bonuses drop-down of the local map UI:

Return Rate in Islands, Cities and Territories

The return rate value depends on whether you are crafting or refining in a City, Territory, or on your island. The return rate can be further increased by using Focus Points.

Location RRR With Focus
Royal City with Bonus 36.7% 53.9%
Royal City 15.2% 43.5%
Royal Island with Bonus 28.5% 49.7%
Royal Island 0% 37.1%
Black Zone Hideout 20% 46%
Location RRR With Focus
Royal City with Bonus 24.8% 47.9%
Royal City 15.2% 43.5%
Royal Island with Bonus 13% 42.5%
Royal Island 0% 37.1%
Black Zone Hideout 25% 48%
City Refining Bonuses
Royal City Resource Bonus
Bridgewatch Stone
Lymhurst Fiber
Fort Sterling Wood
Thetford Ore
Martlock Hide
Caerleon -


Butchering is also using the RRR percentage, but in a different way from refining and crafting. It functions more like farming and provides a random chance of additional output products. For example, butchering 50 Chicken into 1000 Raw Chicken Meat in a royal city without focus (production bonus +18%, RRR 15.2%) should on average result in 1152 meat, but depending on random rolls can also result in a few pieces fewer or more. Therefore, total conversion of ingredients to products for butchering is about 3% lower than for refining and crafting.

Increase your Crafting Efficiency

With each Mastery level in the crafting or refining line of the Destiny Board of the item you are crafting or refining, your Focus cost will be reduced.

Using Journals

If you have a Journal in your inventory while crafting you can view the returns of the full journals as a further return rate, but since the Journals act as a bonus they work slightly differently. Please see the Laborer and Journal pages for more information.

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