Resource Return Rate

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Resource Return Rate

When crafting or refining an item, you may be given back a certain amount of materials used to make that item. The amount of returned resources depends on the Resource Return Rate.

Return Rate in Islands, Cities and Territories

The return rate value depends on whether you are crafting or refining in a City, Territory or on your island. The return rate can be further increased by using Focus Points

Without Focus With Focus
Starter Town 0% %
Island 0% %
City 15% %
Territory 20% %

Increase your crafting efficiency

With each Mastery level in the crafting or refining line of the Destiny Board of the item you are crafting or refining, your Focus cost will be reduced.

City Bonuses

All Royal Cities have specific crafting and refining bonuses.

City Refining Weapons Armors
Warrior Hunter Mage Heavy Medium Light
Martlock Hides Battleaxes Quarterstaffs Frost Staffs, Off-Hand Plate Boots
Bridgewatch Stones Crossbows Daggers Cursed Staffs Plate Armors Cloth Sandals
Lymhurst Fibers Swords Bows Arcane Staffs Leather Hoods, Leather Shoes
Fort Sterling Logs Hammers Spears Holy Staffs Plate Helmets Cloth Robes
Thetford Ores Maces Nature Staffs Fire Staffs Leather Jackets Cloth Cowls

Using Journals

If you have a Journal in your inventory while crafting you can view the returns of the full journals as a further return rate, but since the Journals act as a bonus they work slightly different. Please see the Laborer and Journal pages for more information.