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"Respecing" is the process of converting existing fame points in certain nodes on the Destiny Board and reallocating them elsewhere or banking them for later. This allows players to change their mind on builds as well as not waste fame on skills that may be near max or at max level. This allows players who have invested time into leveling their builds, to adapt to changing meta and not have to grind other nodes from scratch.

  • Re-specing requires Fame Credits to spend on unlocking masteries and specializations
  • Re-specing only applies to combat nodes on the destiny board


There are two types of "respec" or ways to get Fame Credits which are as follows:

  • Manual
    • Manual is done through selecting the node and paying a silver cost to convert node mastery and specialization into fame credits.
    • Fame credits are awarded based on the manual conversion (see conversion rates)
  • Automatic (not to be confused with the "Auto-Respec" feature)
    • Fame credits are awarded based on the automatic conversion (See conversion rates)

To manual respec select the skill/node in the Destiny Board that you wish to respec. Click on the level X/100 (see images in gallery). Once selected the respec dialog will show.

Moving the slider to the right or typing a level above your current one will show you how many fame credits you need to level up that node, Press confirm to accept the change.

Moving the slider to the left or typing a level below your current one will show the fame credits you gain and the silver you pay, Press confirm to accept the change.

Fame credits generated without Auto-Respec have no silver cost but will also be converted at a lower rate.


Auto-respecing is a feature that essentially automates the manual fame credit conversion. It was added after the initial concept of re-specing to make the process easier.

  • Fame credits still awarded automatically when a node is maxed
  • Return rate of fame points are the same as manual
  • Fame credits awarded for mastery and specialization are cumulative, based on the conversation rates. (see conversion rates)
  • The silver costs are the same as manual

Conversion Rates

Conversion Rate by Node Type
Equipment Slot Credits Earned per Fame Received Fame Given per Credit Spent
Weapons 0.4 2
Offhands 0.02 40
Armor 0.2 4
Head 0.1 8
Shoes 0.1 8

In other words gaining 100 fame with swords node would yield 40 fame credits, which would give you 80 fame if spent on a weapon, or 1600 if spent on the shield mastery (offhand node)

Conversion Rate by Respec Type
Respec Type Fame Credit Award Modifier Silver Cost per Fame Credit
Manual 100% 0.5
Automatic 25% 0
Auto-Respec 100% 0.5

So in other words if you automatically converted 100 fame to credits through a maxed weapon node, you'd get 25% of the weapon modified amount (.4*.24=.1) which is 10 credits, which would give you 20 fame in another weapon node, as opposed to 80 fame if you did it manually or used the auto-respec feature.


External References

Official Albion Online forum post regarding re-specs:

Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
5 May 2018Lancelot Hotfix #4
  • Added plus/minus buttons to Re-Spec UI
2 May 2018Lancelot Midseason PatchRe-Spec: Players can now transfer Mastery Levels between combat nodes, allowing them to adapt their specializations as needed. The system allows players to convert fame on a by-level basis into Fame Credits, which in turn can be used to unlock other nodes on the Destiny Board.