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This page is about the forum. To check the item: Round Table (item)

The Albion Round Table[1] is a designated forum additional to the public forum, and a point of contact for the developer team, that enables them to efficiently gather feedback and suggestions about the game’s existing and upcoming features from experienced and knowledgeable members of the community on behalf of their area of representation.

To effectively streamline the views of our community to the development team, it’s important that they are also active and able to provide clear and well structured feedback.

In order to be up for selection review for the Round Table going forward, a player must:

  • provide consistently constructive feedback and clear suggestions in our public forum or
  • be the guild leader of a successful guild, or a member designated by that leader scoring a Crystal, Gold or Silver rank at the end of a GvG season
  • otherwise be a notable figure within the community for your accomplishments in a specific area of the game, if this is not already filled at our discretion

The roster will be heavily reviewed between each GvG season and optimized on an ongoing basis.

The roster can be found in the official forum post linked below.