The Royal Continent

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The Royal Continent on the world map

The Royal Continent is the main landmass in the world of Albion. There are six cities on the Royal Continent, with the five faction cities arranged in a circle around Caerleon, the central hub. Its name comes from the claim upon the land made by the king, who resides in Caerleon.

Faction Cities

Each faction city governs a different region of the continent, and is defined by the biome it's located in. These cities are in ongoing conflict with one another and with the royal government in Caerleon, despite relying on one another for the different resources available throughout the continent. Each faction city has developed their own specialties and techniques, and as result offers bonuses to refining one resource type, and crafting certain equipment types, detailed in the table below.

The Faction Cities
City Region Refinement Bonus Crafting Bonuses
Martlock Highland Hide Axe, Quarterstaff, Frost Staff, Plate Shoes, Offhands
Bridgewatch Steppe Rock Crossbow, Dagger, Cursed Staff, Plate Armor, Cloth Shoes
Lymhurst Forest Fiber Sword, Bow, Arcane Staff, Leather Headgear, Leather Shoes
Fort Sterling Mountain Wood Hammer, Spear, Holy Staff, Cloth Armor, Plate Headgear
Thetford Swamp Ore Mace, Nature Staff, Fire Staff, Leather Armor, Cloth Headgear


Caerleon, located in the center of the continent, can be considered the capital city of Albion, with roads that connect to all five other cities. It also features the realm gate--a great portal that allows travel to and from the various regions of the Outlands.

Due to its central location, it is the trade hub of the entire world, where people from all over come to buy and sell just about everything. For that same reason, however, Caerleon doesn't specialize in any particular resource or craft, and the city gives no bonus to either refining or crafting.