Royal Sandals

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  Royal Sandals Are one of the Special Cloth Sandals that offers offense from both their provided abilities and their provided stats.

The special ability they have is Defenseless Rush which can be used when equipping


Item Sandals Needed Quantity Royal sigils Quantity
  Adept's Royal Sandals   Adept's Scholar Sandals 1   Adept's Royal Sigil 2
  Expert's Royal Sandals   Expert's Scholar Sandals 1   Expert's Royal Sigil 4
  Master's Royal Sandals   Master's Scholar Sandals 1   Master's Royal Sigil 8
  Grandmaster's Royal Sandals   Grandmaster's Scholar Sandals 1   Grandmaster's Royal Sigil 8
  Elder's Royal Sandals   Elder's Scholar Sandals 1   Elder's Royal Sigil 8

Active abilities

Ability Description Energy Cost Cast Time Range Cooldown

Energetic Sprint

Increases your move speed by 100% for 3s, and regenerates 10 energy every second for 3 seconds. 0 Instant Self 30s

Defenseless Rush

Increases your move speed by 75%, and your damage by 20%, for 7s. But while this ability is active you also take 13.043% more damage. The ability can stay activated for up to 7s. 0 Toggle Self 30s
Run Increases your move speed by 60% for 7s, Good for traveling and gathering. 0 Instant Self 30s

Passive abilities

Ability Description
Courier Increases your maximum carry load by 108 kg.
Aggression Increases your damage and heal power by 3.5%
Concentration Increases cast speed by 5.263%.

(Available to sandals with base Item Power of at least 900.)

Efficiency 6% reduced energy cost.

(Available to sandals with base Item Power of at least 1000.)

Note: numerical values are based on gear with 1060 item power. Affected values are in bold.