Saddled Wild Boar

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Saddled Wild Boar

Mount - A special breed originally from the forests around Lymhurst.
53.2 kg
Item value

Saddled Wild Boar

The Saddled Wild Boar is a Tier 5 city Faction mount from Lymhurst.

  • The Saddled Wild Boar does not have unique abilities
  • The Saddled Wild Boar Item Quality may be increased at a Repair Station for a fee
  • The Saddled Wild Boar may be crafted at a Saddler with (1) Tame Wild Boar, (5) Treeheart and (20) Cured Leather
  • The Saddled Wild Boar may have different item quality ranging from Normal to Masterpiece


Saddled Wild Boar
Item Quality Tier Item Power Mount Hit Points Move Speed Bonus Gallop Move Speed Bonus Armor Magical Resistance CC Resistance Max Load
Normal 5.0 800 845 70% 110% 76 76 162 782kg
Good 5.0 810 845 70% 110% 76 76 163 801kg
Outstanding 5.0 820 845 70% 110% 76 76 164 821kg
Excellent 5.0 850 845 70% 110% 77 77 169 884kg
Masterpiece 5.0 900 845 70% 110% 78 78 176 997kg



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Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch RevisionPatch NamePatch Notes
27 September 201798217Joseph Update
  • For each mount type (horse, armored horse, ox etc), the walking speed is now the same for all mounts of that type, but the total speed while galloping remains unchanged
    • For example, after this change an Elder's Horse has the same galloping speed as before, but has the walking speed that an Expert's Horse had before; an Expert's Horse after the change has the same galloping speed as it had before, and the same walking speed as it had before
  • Your mount will now despawn if you are attacked by another player while you are temporarily dismounted (i.e. you are not on your mount, but it is still present in the world)
  • Ability cooldown after forced dismount: 3s -> 1s
  • Mount cooldown : 20s -> 30s