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Unlocking the Cloth Robe Fighter node on the Destiny Board allows you to use:

Cloth Robes

Cloth Robes offer offense from both their provided abilities and their provided stats.

Normal Robes

Normal Robes require 16 cloth to craft.

Royal Robe

Royal Robe requires adding 16 Royal Sigils to a Scholar Robe in order to craft.

Artifact Robes

Artifact Robes require a special artifact when crafting them in addition to the normal refined resources.

Skill Selection

  • You can only select one ability per slot (R and the passive P).
  • The third R ability is unique for each robe.
  • The P slot is universal for all Cloth Robes.

Universal R Abilities

Mend Wounds

Energy Cost 0 As long as you are not in combat, you can use this spell to mend wounds. Regenerates 4% Health and Energy per second for 12s.
Cast Time channeled
Range self
Cooldown 30s

Frost Shield

Energy Cost instant Increases your Armor and Magic Resist by 82 for 8s. Enemies that attack you are slowed by 20% for 2.56s. 10% of incoming damage (before Armor/magic Resist) is reflected back to its source.
Cast Time self
Range self
Cooldown 40s

Unique R Abilities

The special R Spells are unlocked at mastery level 1 and unique to the respective robes below:

Robe Spell Energy Cost Cast Time Range Cooldown Description
Scholar Robe Speed Caster 25 Instant Self 40s Doubles your cast speed and decreases energy cost by 70% for 8s.
Cleric Robe Everlasting Spirit 38 Instant Self 50s Upon activation, if you take damage in the next 1.5s, you get the Everlasting Spirit shield. This shield makes you invincible and increases your damage and heal power by 30% for 3s.
Mage Robe Purging Shield 25 Instant Self 40s Creates a purging shield on you. Increases your resistance by 65 for 5s. While the shield is active, enemies lose all buffs whenever they damage you. (Does not remove enemy heal effects.)
Royal Robe Magic Rune 20 Instant 0m 1m Places a magic rune under your feet, which strengthens the magic abilities of you and your allies as long as you stand on it. The rune will increase cast speed by 10% and magic attack and heal power by 5% per second. (Stacks up to 6 times.)
Druid Robe Obsessive Burst 25 Instant Self 1m Increases your damage and heal power by 7% for 10s. During this time, each time you activate an ability, this effect is multiplied. (Stacks up to 8 times.)
Fiend Robe Fear Aura 0 Instant Self 30s A fiendish 4m radius aura surrounds you for 4s. Enemies entering it will run away in fear.
Cultist Robe Levitate 0 Instant Self 45s Start floating above the ground for up to 5s. During this time you are immune to physical damage, and restore 4% energy and health every 0.5s.

Passive Ability Slot


Energy Cost - Increases your damage and heal power by 3.5%
Cast Time -
Range -
Cooldown -

Swift Mind

Energy Cost - Increases cast speed by 11.111%
Cast Time -
Range -
Cooldown -


Energy Cost - 6% reduced energy cost.
Cast Time -
Range -
Cooldown -