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The GvG Season 4 will take place between September 29th and December 22nd 2018.[1]

GvG Season 4 will be the first Season with Season Rewards. [2]

Blue Army Takes GvG Season 4

The GvG Season Ruleset, explaining the general rules of the season can be found here: GvG Season.

Albion's fourth GvG season has come to a close, with Blue Army as the decisive winners, having bypassed the traditional path to victory by focusing primarily on open-world content. With recent changes to energy and mage raiding, castles and raiding suddenly became a higher percentage of season points, and BA was able to use their open-world strengths to their advantage.

More broadly, BA's secret to success seemed to be prioritizing content over victory, with their main goal being to ensure a battle takes place and winning being only secondary. Particularly in ZvZs, BA was often willing to wait and fall back until the right opportunity presented itself. Ultimately, their readiness to lose an engagement in order to create enjoyable experiences for their members allowed them to sustain morale and momentum throughout the season and claim victory.

Previous GvG Seasons

The previous seasons were: