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Shrines are a type of reward found inside Randomized Dungeons which provide a party or player with a buff for a limited time. Small Combat Shrines can be found exclusively in Solo Randomized Dungeons and reward a single player with a buff which restores energy, health, or increases damage. Shrines found outside of Solo Randomized Dungeons are always guarded by a lesser boss. Once the party kills the boss and enemies guarding the shrine they will be able to activate it, giving one of two possible buffs to all players in the party not downed:

  • 40% increased fame from mobs for 200 seconds
  • 200% increased silver from mob drops for 200 seconds

The fame buff does not affect the Fame gained from Tomes of Insight.

The silver buff does not affect the Silver gained from Silver bags.

The buffs are brief but powerful whole-party buffs to either Fame or Silver earned but can only be used once, giving parties an incentive to push through dungeons quickly once activated.

Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
10 July 2019Percival UpdateNew Mobs and Shrines New mob types have been added to solo and group Randomized Dungeons for all factions. These include new trap- and nest-type opponents, as well as environmental hazards like explosives. Solo Randomized Dungeons introduce small combat shrines, which give a random combat buff to the first player who activates them, offering advantages in both PvE and PvP.