Silver Phalanx Beetle

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Silver Phalanx Beetle

Battle Mount - Heavily reinforced mount, specialized in breaking enemy assaults.
53.2 kg
Item value

Silver Phalanx Beetle

A Silver Phalanx Beetle is a Tier 6 mount.

  • The Silver Phalanx Beetle was received as a Season Reward for Silver Rank guild members at the end of GvG Season 13


Tier Item Power Mount Hit Points Weight Move Speed Bonus Gallop Move Speed Bonus Armor Magical Resistance CC Resistance Max Load
6.0 900 8447 53.2kg 10% 10% 287 339 287 393kg

Silver Phalanx Beetle has three fighting abilities and one for movement. Those abilities are similar to every Phalanx Beetle (any damage is different).

Arrow Volley
Energy Cost 0 Shoot a volley of arrows at the target location, dealing 18 physical damage and reducing healing received by 14% for 13s. (Stacks up to 3 times)
Cast Time 0.5s
Range 16m
Radius 12m
Cooldown 2s

Energy Cost 0 Drop to the ground and take cover, increasing your Defense vs. Players by 505 while channeling for 3s. Reflect 50% of the damage taken.

Decrease damage resistances of enemies you reflected damage to by 46 for 3s. Deal 9 physical damage every 1s in a 6.5m radius. If the target is affected by Arrow Volley the damage increases to 22.

Cast Time 0.5s
Range 0m
Cooldown 8s

Energy Cost 44 Shoot all arrows and spears at your disposal in all directions while channeling for 5.1s (can't be interrupted).

Consumes all Arrow Volley Charges from all enemies in a 18m radius around you at the beginning of the channel. Deals physical damage to enemy players every 0.5s and slows all enemies within a 11m radius. The strength of these effects is based on the number of Arrow Volley Charges consumed.

  • Charges: 0 : 2 : 4 : 6 : 8
  • Damage: 22 : 33 : 44 : 66 : 99
  • Slow: 10% : 20% : 30% : 40% : 50%

Your own Move Speed is reduceed by 60^ for the duration of the channel.

Cast Time 0.3s
Range 0m
Cooldown 25s

Battle Mount Gallop
Energy Cost 0 Start to gallop, increasing your Move Speed by 110%.

Silences you while galloping. Lasts 4s after you stop galloping.

The ability lasts up to 10m 00s but can be deactivated earlier. The ability will be interrupted if you take damage.

Cast Time 0s
Range self
Cooldown 0s



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Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
13 February 2023Beyond the Veil Patch 4Offensive Mount abilities can no longer be used while faction-flagged (excepting Faction Mounts).
9 January 2023Beyond the Veil Patch 3
  • Long Hostile Dismount
    • Ability Cooldown: 12s → 15s
1 December 2022Beyond the Veil Patch 1
  • Made mount-up times more consistent:
    • Non-Battle Mounts now take 3s:
      • Saddled Greywolf: 2s → 3s
      • Elite Terrorbird: 2s → 3s
      • Elite Winter Bear: 2s → 3s
      • Elite Wild Boar: 2s → 3s
      • Elite Bighorn Ram: 2s → 3s
      • Elite Swamp Salamander: 2s → 3s
      • Elite Greywolf: 2s → 3s
      • Spring Cottontail: 2s → 3s
    • Battle Mounts now take 10s:
      • Siege Ballista: 15s → 10s
      • Venom Basilisk: 15s → 10s
      • Flame Basilisk: 15s → 10s
      • Elder's Command Mammoth: 25s → 10s
  • Increased Item Power of Avalonian Basilisk to 1000 to match T7 mounts:
    • HP Increase: 1239 → 1254
    • HP Regen Increase: 12.39 → 12.54
8 June 2022Into the Fray Update
  • Spell fixes:
    • Purifying Combo (Fists of Avalon) now always purges targets before applying damage
    • Mark of Sacrifice (Hellion Shoes) now also increases magical spell damage
    • Fixed issue where ability cooldowns could be reset by mounting up
8 June 2022Into the Fray UpdateJourney Back allows limited fast travel, reducing tedious travel times without affecting Albion's trade and transport economy. Players can fast travel to the last Hideout or City visited, as follows:
  • Journey Back is a mount spell on all non-battle mounts
  • Requires 15s channel which can be interrupted by damage - 60s cooldown
  • Costs Silver based on:
    • Number of zones the player would travel through:
      • Capped at 10
      • Teleporting into or out of the Roads assumes cap of 10
    • Zone type (Blue, Yellow, Red, Black)
    • Item Value of all equipped and inventory items
  • Can only be used in open world or Roads of Avalon
  • Disabled until player enters a Hideout or City again if:
    • They trade with another player
    • They retrieve items from any type of container players can put items into (e.g. Outland Banks)
    • They lose access to the Hideout they were bound to, or it is destroyed
  • The ability is temporarily disabled if:
    • Player exceeds 100% carry capacity
      • Dropping below 100% re-enables ability
    • Player is within a Zerg bubble (red bubble on the minimap)
      • Re-enabled after leaving bubble (checked every 10s)
    • Player has "Disarray" debuff
      • Re-enabled when debuff ends
    • Player has insufficient Silver for the fee
      • Re-enabled when player has enough Silver
    • Player has Outlaw debuff
      • Re-enabled when debuff ends
    • Player is returning from Faction trade mission
      • Re-enabled when mission is finished / abandoned / failed
6 May 2021Call to Arms Patch 4 (Balance Patch)Mounts / Battle Mounts

To make sure Pest Lizards can't chain-CC targets, enemies now have a full 6s immunity to a subsequent Toxic Cloud.

Pierce Through (Ballista) is no longer reflectable as it deals percent damage, which can lead to very high reflected damage when focusing targets with large health pools (e.g. Command Mammoths).

  • Toxic Reaction / Toxic Cloud (Pest Lizard):
    • Enemies hit by one Toxic Cloud will be immune to another for 6s
  • Pierce Through (Siege Ballista):
    • Damage is no longer reflectable
17 March 2021Call to Arms Update
  • Swiftclaw cubs now drop from tier 5 or higher Cougars all over the world instead of from Keeper bosses and loot chests, bringing them more in line with other rare mount drops
  • Along with this change, drop rates of other rare mounts have been increased:
    • Giant Stag: four times higher
    • Direwolf: two times higher
    • Direboar: six times higher
  • 17 March 2021Call to Arms Update
    • Flaming Trail (Morgana Nightmare):
      • The fear now only works against players on foot
    • Saddled Moabird:
      • Time Until Gallop: 4s → 2.5s
    • Saddled Winter Bear:
      • Direbear skins can be applied now
      • Mount Health: 2365 → 3379
      • Armor: 253 → 304
      • Magical Resistance: 253 → 304
      • CC Resistance: 505 → 404
    • Saddled Wild Boar:
      • Direboar skins can be applied now
    • Saddled Bighorn Ram:
      • Mount Health: 1352 → 1689
      • Base Move Speed: 45% → 60%
    • Saddled Swamp Salamander:
      • Swamp Dragon skins can be applied now
      • Mount Health: 676 → 1014
    • Saddled Direwolf:
      • Mount Health: 405 → 681
      • Gallop Move Speed Bonus: 130% → 132%
    • Saddled Swamp Dragon:
      • Move Speed Bonus: 90% → 103%
    • Saddled Direbear:
      • Mount Health: 2847 → 3797
      • CC Resistance: 394 → 526
    • Grizzly Bear:
      • Mount Health: 2686 → 3582
    • Saddled Terrorbird
      • Time Until Gallop: 4s → 2.5s
      • Flash:
        • Move Speed Bonus during Flash: 300% → 100%
    17 March 2021Call to Arms Update
    • Rhino:
      • Cracked Earth:
        • Cast Time: 1s → 0.7s
        • Standtime: 0.4s → 0.2s
      • Breakthrough:
        • Cast Time: 1.2s → 0.8s
        • Cooldown: 50s → 30s
    17 March 2021Call to Arms UpdateIn addition to regular Faction Mounts, which have been rebalanced and buffed overall, six new Elite Faction Mounts have been introduced. Each has one ability usable by all riders, and a second Faction Ability that is only usable when flagged for the appropriate Faction, and only affects allies who are likewise flagged. Details:
    • Lymhurst Elite Boar
      • Regular ability: dash forward, damaging unmounted enemies and knocking them backwards
      • Faction ability – Boar Vitality: dismount and give allies a large healing area of effect
    • Bridgewatch Elite Terrorbird
      • Regular ability: “Zig” to a targeted direction, then “Zag” to dash again and avoid attacks
      • Faction ability – Desert Breeze: dismount and grant all allies a move speed bonus
    • Martlock Elite Ram
      • Regular ability: reduce damage taken while channeling, then gain move speed based on the number of hits taken
      • Faction ability – Highland Resilience: dismount and grant a Max Health bonus to allies in range
    • Thetford Elite Swamp Salamander
      • Regular ability: shed skin to cleanse any negative effects
      • Faction ability – Reptile Agility: grants attack speed and damage bonuses to nearby allies
    • Fort Sterling Elite Direbear
      • Regular ability: passive that stacks with each attack, followed by "Winter Call" ability that boosts move speed and slows enemies based on stacks
      • Faction ability – Frozen Defense: dismount and grant a defense bonus to allies in range
    • Caerleon Elite Greywolf
      • Regular ability: mark an enemy who then leaves behind a trail; collecting this trail boosts movement speed, with wounded targets offering a greater boost
      • Faction ability – Spite: dismount and grant damage reflection to allies in range
    Additionally, all regular and elite Faction Mounts can now be used in conjunction with mount skins of the same category (e.g. Caerleon Greywolf with Direwolf Skins, Fort Sterling Bear with Direbear Skins, etc.)
    2 February 2021Rise of Avalon Patch 13 (Balance Patch)Battle Mounts
    • Toxic Crystal Waste (Tower Chariot):
      • Cooldown: 25s → 15s
    • Spider's Web (Goliath Horseeater):
      • Cooldown: 8s → 6s
      • Energy Cost: 12 → 10
    • Artillery Fire (Behemoth):
      • Cooldown: 3s → 2s
      • Hit Delay: 2s → 1.5s
    12 August 2020Rise of Avalon Update and Hotfix 1, 2
  • Raven Scream and Reactive Scream (Morgana Raven):
    • No longer inflict Fear on mounted enemies
  • 25 March 2020Queen Patch 8Mounts You now benefit from the Carry Weight Bonus from all mounts, excluding transport and battle mounts, just by equipping the mount. The bonus applies even if you are dismounted or move outside of the mount circle. This means players keep the load bonus while on foot, after getting dismounted, when entering a dungeon, etc. This new system scales with the mount's Item Power (hence the carry weight changes reflected below), and also adjusts the load progression over tiers.
    25 March 2020Queen Patch 8Mount Abilities
    • Large Multishot (Ballista):
      • Cast Time: 1s → 0.6s
    • Leap (Frost Ram):
      • Cooldown: 30s → 15s
    • Beetle Buzz (Colossus Beetle):
      • Cast Time: 0.5s → 1s
      • Radius: 10m → 9m
    4 March 2020Queen Patch 6
  • Changed visibility of Steelplate Cougar from "hidden" to "locked" in mount skins UI
  • 5 February 2020Queen Patch 2Mounts
    • Hunting Instinct (Snow Husky):
      • Cast Time: 0s → 0.8s
      • Standtime: 0.8s → 0s
      • Hit Delay: 0.8s → 0s
    20 January 2020Queen UpdateMounts intended for transport have had their transport stats increased, while those intended for battle have had their transport stats decreased:
    • Saddled Direboar:
      • Carry Weight: 1252kg → 2623kg
    • Saddled Wild Boar:
      • Carry Weight: 739kg → 1477kg
    • Saddled Direbear:
      • Hitpoints: 1855 → 2847
      • Carry Weight: 2469kg → 5408
    • Saddled Winter Bear:
      • Hitpoints: 1689 → 2365
      • Carry Weight: 1231kg → 2462kg
    • Grizzly Bear:
      • Hitpoints: 1770 → 2686
      • Carry Weight: 2146kg → 4498kg
    • Elder's Command Mammoth:
      • Carry Weight: 3977kg → 1187kg
    • Venom Basilisk and Flame Basilisk:
      • Carry Weight: 3311kg → 946kg
    • Siege Ballista:
      • Carry Weight: 1505kg → 499kg
    • Crystal Tower Chariot:
      • Carry Weight: 4118kg → 989kg
    • Gold Tower Chariot:
      • Carry Weight: 3579kg → 788kg
    • Silver Tower Chariot:
      • Carry Weight: 3142kg → 623kg
    • Crystal Battle Rhino:
      • Carry Weight: 3293kg → 791kg
    • Gold Battle Rhino:
      • Carry Weight: 2862kg → 630kg
    • Silver Battle Rhino:
      • Carry Weight: 2514kg → 499kg
    • Bronze Battle Rhino:
      • Carry Weight: 2141kg → 391kg
    10 July 2019Percival UpdateMount Changes
    • Salvaging Guild Warhorses now grants their original gold cost
    • Adjusted crafting recipes for Spectral Bonehorse (now requires T8 Riding Horse + the T8 Upgrade item) and T8 Morgana Nightmare (now requires T8 Armored Horse + the T8 Upgrade item)
    • Morgana Mare and Bonehorse skin-unlock items can no longer be crafted at the stables, and have been moved to the Vanity Store
    • Clicking a mount multiple times to get into mounted state no longer cancels the initial mounting action
    10 July 2019Percival UpdateMount Skins Mounts skins can now be used to alter the appearance of a player's active mount. Once unlocked, a mount skin is bound to the account and can be used by all characters. With Percival, numerous rare mounts will be converted to skins, and additional new skins will be unlockable with Gold.
    12 June 2019Oberon Patch 8Morgana Raven
    • Raven Scream:
      • Cast Time: 1s -> 1.5s
    • Reactive Scream:
      • Cooldown: 120s -> 180s
    20 February 2019Nimue Balance Patch (Patch #7)Mounts
    • Ox:
      • Base Speed: 35% → 40%
    • Pest Lizard:
      • Base Speed: 120% → 110%
    • Morgana Nightmare / Spectral Bonehorse:
      • Gallop Bonus: 125% → 123%
    • Direwolf Mounts (includes special mounts with the same stats)
      • Gallop Bonus: 140% → 130%
    • Spectral Bat / Husky:
      • Gallop Bonus: 140% → 132%
    • Moabird Mounts:
      • Gallop Bonus: 135% → 127%
    • Cougar Mounts:
      • Gallop Bonus: 130% → 125%
    • Rageclaw:
      • Gallop Bonus: 145% → 132%
    • Husky Sled:
      • Gallop Bonus: 125% → 123%
    10 October 2018Merlyn Season 4 PatchWarhorses are a new item available from the Vanity Merchant in major cities. These mount overlays can be combined with any T5-T8 Armored Horse to create a visual upgrade that keeps the stats of the original mount while prominently displaying the owner's guild logo.
    26 September 2018Merlyn Preseason Balance Patch
  • To make the upgrade progression clearer, names of 2 mounts have been updated (stats and appearance are unchanged):
    • Warhorse has been changed to "Morgana Mare"
    • Nightmare has been changed to "Morgana Nightmare"
  • 31 July 2018Merlyn UpdateMounts:
    • Direwolves
      • Health Factor: 0.3 → 0.24
    • Direboars
      • Gallop speed +10%
      • Resistance Factor: 0.4 -> 0.3
      • Crowd Control Resistance Factor: 0.4 -> 0.8
    20 June 2018Lancelot Patch #9
  • To cut down on unnecessary noise in cities, mount/dismount sounds are now only audible to the player performing them within city limits (as these sounds are an important element of PvP, they will remain audible to all players in the open world)
  • 2 May 2018Lancelot Midseason PatchBattle Mounts
    • All Battle Mounts get a Battle Mount Gallop spell on their 'F' slot.
    • Battle Mount Gallop is a toggle spell, which makes the mount fast enough to travel with a zerg but silences them for several seconds after the gallop ends. (Taking damage also ends the spell.)
    • Base Movement Speed Adjustments:
      • Command Mammoth: 100% -> 110%
      • Flame Basilisk: 120% -> 140%
      • Venom Basilisk: 120% -> 140%
      • Siege Ballista: 90% -> 120%
    2 May 2018Lancelot Midseason PatchChanged siphoned energy costs for Battle Mounts:
    • Command Mammoth: 83000 -> 10000
    • Flame Basilisk: 16600 -> 5000
    • Venom Basilisk: 16600 -> 5000
    • Ballista: 4500 -> 2500


    • All Battle Mounts already existing in the game will become Legacy versions.
    • Legacy versions are the same item, but they retain the old crafting costs.
    • Players can transmute the Legacy versions back into their original energy value at the season shop.
    • Transmuting back for the original energy value will only be available until the next major content update goes live. After the next content update, the Legacy items will become ordinary items and will update to the new crafting costs.
    12 March 2018Lancelot UpdateFlame Basilisk: (its role is reworked)
    • Stats:
      • Movespeed: 120%
      • Resistance Factor: 0.8
      • CCR Factor: 1.4
    • Spells:
      • Q - A 10m radius ground attack, which increases damage taken by 15% for 10s. And deals no damage (can't be stacked)
      • E - A cone attack which instantly deals medium one time damage and reduces healing received by 35% for 7s

    Venom Basilisk: (its role is reworked)

    • Stats:
      • Movespeed: 120%
      • Resistance Factor: 0.8
      • CCR Factor: 1.4
    • Spells:
      • Q - A 10m radius ground attack, which reduces damage dealt by 25% for 10s. And deals no damage (can't be stacked)
      • E - A cone attack which instantly deals medium one time damage and increases damage taken by 50% for 7s
    1 February 2018Kay Patch #3
  • Removed the CC immunity from the regular Swamp Dragon mount
  • 27 September 2017Joseph Update
    • For each mount type (horse, armored horse, ox etc), the walking speed is now the same for all mounts of that type, but the total speed while galloping remains unchanged
      • For example, after this change an Elder's Horse has the same galloping speed as before, but has the walking speed that an Expert's Horse had before; an Expert's Horse after the change has the same galloping speed as it had before, and the same walking speed as it had before
    • Your mount will now despawn if you are attacked by another player while you are temporarily dismounted (i.e. you are not on your mount, but it is still present in the world)
    • Ability cooldown after forced dismount: 3s -> 1s
    • Mount cooldown : 20s -> 30s