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Siphoned Energy was introduced with the Kay Update for Albion Online, as part of the new GvG Seasons feature.

Over time, Siphoning Mages draw power from the land of Albion and convert that into Siphoned Energy for the guild that controls the territory. This siphoned energy can be converted into Runes, Souls, or Relics to craft powerful artifact weapons and armors.

The amount of Siphoned Energy harvested by a guilds Siphoning Mages earn Season Points, which are used to determine a guilds ranking in the GvG Season.

Siphoned Energy can be converted to Runes, Souls and Relics at the Artifact Foundry in any Royal City at the following rates:

Artifact Component Tier Energy Required
Adept's Rune T4 1
Expert's Rune T5 1
Master's Rune T6 1
Grandmaster's Rune T7 2
Elder's Rune T8 6
Adept's Soul T4 1
Expert's Soul T5 1
Master's Soul T6 2
Grandmaster's Soul T7 6
Elder's Soul T8 18
Adept's Relic T4 1
Expert's Relic T5 2
Master's Relic T6 6
Grandmaster's Relic T7 18
Elder's Relic T8 54


Siphoned Energy is used in a variety of different activities in the world of Albion:


Player's can chose to pay 10 Siphoned Energy to Overcharge their currently equipped gear and weapons gaining 100 Item Power for 30 minutes. After the effect has ended the gear has a 15% of breaking transforming itself into trash.

Energy Manipulator

Siphoned Energy is also used to purchase exclusive combat mounts from the Energy Manipulator. To this day there are 4 mounts that can be purchased with siphoned essence and some other materials. The mounts are: Siege Ballista - 2000 Siphoned Energy, Flame Basilisk - 5000 Siphoned Energy, Venom Basilisk - 5000 Siphoned Energy and the Elder's Command Mammoth - 10000 Siphoned Essence