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The Smelter allows you to refine your ore into metal ingots.

It requires you to have Ore of the current Tier you want to refine, as well as ingots of the previous Tier.

Favorite Food
Wheat Soup


Name Tier Cost
Novice Smelter 2

25×  Rough Logs

 Rough Stone

150×  Limestone Block

Journeyman Smelter 3

50×  Rough Logs

 Rough Stone

150×  Sandstone Block

Adept Smelter 4

100×  Rough Logs

10×  Rough Stone

150×  Travertine Block

Expert Smelter a 5

200×  Rough Logs

20×  Rough Stone

150×  Granite Block

Master Smelter 6

400×  Rough Logs

40×  Rough Stone

150×  Slate Block

Grandmaster Smelter 7

800×  Rough Logs

80×  Rough Stone

150×  Basalt Block

Elder Smelter 8

1600×  Rough Logs

160×  Rough Stone

150×  Marble Block


T2 Smelter
T3 Smelter
T4 Smelter
T5 Smelter
T6 Smelter
T7 Smelter
T8 Smelter
Smelting and Transmutation of Metal