Snare Charge

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Snare Charge

An active ability found on the second slot of Maces.

It is unlocked at mastery level 3.

Snare Charge
Energy Cost 28 Jump to a ground destination and slam your weapon on the ground, affecting all enemies in a 6m radius around the impact location. Deals 148 Phyisical damage, roots all enemies and interrupts spell casting. Roots players for: 3.56s Roots creatures for: 7.1s.
Cast Time instant
Range 11m
Cooldown 15s

Note: numerical values are based on gear with 1060 item power. Affected values are in bold.

Melee WeaponTier
Journeyman's Mace3
Adept's Bedrock Mace4
Adept's Camlann Mace4
Adept's Heavy Mace4
Adept's Incubus Mace4
Adept's Mace4
Adept's Morning Star4
Adept's Oathkeepers4
Expert's Bedrock Mace5
Expert's Camlann Mace5
Expert's Heavy Mace5
Expert's Incubus Mace5
Expert's Mace5
Expert's Morning Star5
Expert's Oathkeepers5
Master's Bedrock Mace6
Master's Camlann Mace6
Master's Heavy Mace6
Master's Incubus Mace6
Master's Mace6
Master's Morning Star6
Master's Oathkeepers6
Grandmaster's Bedrock Mace7
Grandmaster's Camlann Mace7
Grandmaster's Heavy Mace7
Grandmaster's Incubus Mace7
Grandmaster's Mace7
Grandmaster's Morning Star7
Grandmaster's Oathkeepers7
Elder's Bedrock Mace8
Elder's Camlann Mace8
Elder's Heavy Mace8
Elder's Incubus Mace8
Elder's Mace8
Elder's Morning Star8
Elder's Oathkeepers8

==Related Patch Notes==

Patch LinkDatePatch RevisionPatch NamePatch Notes
27 September 201798217Joseph Update
  • Snare Charge:
    • Jump Movespeed: 12 -> 15 (This means jump time changed from: 0.92s -> 0.73s)