Soul Link

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Soul Link

An active ability found on the third slot of Ironrood Staffs.

It is unlocked at mastery level 1

Soul Link
Energy Cost 18% Bind the souls of two targets together, linking them for 7s .

If 2 allies are linked:
Transfers 50% of the damage taken by one target to the other target. Transfers 100% of the Healing Received by one target to the other target.

If an ally and an enemy are linked:
Transfers 30% of the Healing Received by the enemy to the ally. Transfers 10% of the damage the ally takes to the enemy.

If 2 enemies are linked:
Deals 50% of the damage one target takes (after damage resistances) to the other enemy as true damage .

Cast Time instant
Range 11m
Cooldown 20s

Note: numerical values are based on gear with 1100 item power. Spells with x/y values refer to 1h weapon/2h weapon values.


Magic WeaponTier
Expert's Ironroot Staff5
Master's Ironroot Staff6
Grandmaster's Ironroot Staff7
Elder's Ironroot Staff8

Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
17 March 2021Call to Arms Update
  • Ruthless Nature (Blight Staff):
    • Caster's move speed is now increased by 15% during the channel
    • Max Ticks: 6 → 8 (Heal value per tick stays unchanged)
    • Tick Interval: 1s → 0.8s
    • Total Channel Duration: 6s → 5.6s
    • Max Healing Targets: 5 → 10
  • Soul Link (Ironroot Staff):
    • Link Duration: 10s → 7s
    • Changed the targeting so casting on different targets now works via shortcuts