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Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
5 February 2020Queen Patch 2

Dungeons in the following yellow zones now follow yellow-zone rules as intended (previously classified as red-zone):

  • Lewsdon Hill
  • Snapshaft Trough
  • Sleetwater Basin
5 February 2020Queen Patch 2
  • Reduced the rate of vanity capes in the loot table of Randomized Dungeon chests
29 January 2020Queen Patch 1 and Hotfix 1.1
  • Fame and loot for Elite Randomized Dungeons (the large-group Avalonian dungeons found in the Outlands) have been greatly boosted:
    • Fame from enemies had been increased by approximately 45%
    • Loot from enemies has been increased by approximately 110%
    • Loot from chests has been increased by approximately 28%
      • Avalonian-specific loot has been increased by approximately 50%
  • Fixed an issue where chests in Solo Randomized Dungeons were sometimes empty
  • In all dungeons, the chance of each individual in a party now receiving some loot from a chest has been increased, and the distribution of loot between party members will be more even
20 January 2020Queen Update
  • Adding resources to buildings during construction/repair/upgrading is now 5x faster and you can add up to 999 resources in one action (previously 30)
  • Cost of overcharge has increased from 1 Siphoned Energy to 10 to make overcharging a less clear choice on low-tier items
  • Global discount reference rate adjusted to match current gold market economy
  • Zerg debuff ("Disarray") no longer applies in red and yellow zones
  • The number of fragments needed to enchant items has been doubled as enchanting with fragments was too cheap and undermined crafting with enchanted resources
  • Trash icon updated for better visibility while looting
  • Changed main tutorial area name from "Hideout" to "Cove" to avoid confusion with the new Hideout feature
  • Changed Marketplace category for several items:
    • Dungeon Maps: Consumables/Maps
    • Chopped Fish: Products/Cooked
    • Undead, Keeper, and Morgana Mount Upgrades: Materials/Other
    • Avalonian and Siphoned Energy: Materials/Other
20 January 2020Queen Update
  • Healing Sickness:
    • Healing Received Reduction (2 Healers): 25.9% → 30%
    • Debuff Duration (2 or more Healers): 5s → 8s
20 January 2020Queen Update

The Avalonians are a new elite faction found in Elite Randomized Dungeons, which spawn in all T6-8 Outlands zones and offer a high-level challenge to groups of 10-20 players. Along with the highest-value loot in the game, these dungeons contain a shrine that offers a week-long Fame increase for killing mobs.

In addition to the Avalonian Basilisk mount, tools, and foods already introduced with the Standalone Season, players can now obtain artifacts and shards from defeated Avalonian mobs which can be crafted into three different sets (cloth/leather/plate) of Avalonian Artifact Armor with a wide range of new abilities. (Currently all levels of this armor have the same appearance when worn, tiers will be differentiated in an upcoming patch.)

20 January 2020Queen Update

Item Power progression has been streamlined and simplified, and now increases in a linear manner. More details:

In addition, Mastery Modifiers have been added to the Mastery Bonuses of high-tier equipment:

  • 5% on all T5 items
  • 10% on all T6 items
  • 15% on all T7 items
  • 20% on all T8 items

This bonus applies to all Armors, Weapons, and Offhands, and includes IP bonuses from basic Specializations as well as advanced Masteries. Enchanted gear will be calculated at the level of its base tier, i.e. T5.0 through T5.3 all receive the same 5% bonus.

Sample case: if you get an additional 100 IP from your Destiny Board Masteries for swords, using a Tier 6.2 Sword will give you a 10% additional boost to that Mastery bonus, for a total bonus of 110 IP.

20 January 2020Queen Update
  • Chests no longer unlock if too many mobs have been alerted but not killed en route to the chest - this includes mobs that have aggroed and de-aggroed AND mobs bypassed while invisible
  • You can now transmute 5 Solo Dungeon Maps into 1 Group Map and 5 Group Maps into 1 Elite Map at the Artifact Foundry
  • The maximum distance maps will find a dungeon has been reduced (with zero being the current cluster):
    • Group: 3 → 2
    • Solo: 3 → 1
29 November 2019Percival Patch 11
  • Healing Sickness Debuff duration: 2s → 5s
23 October 2019Percival Patch 8
  • Exploding Barrels no longer need to be destroyed to unlock reward chests in Randomized Dungeons
18 September 2019Percival Patch 5 (Midseason Patch)
  • Self-Healing Sickness:
    • Healers who heal themselves constantly will now be inflicted with a Self-Healing Sickness debuff, which reduces all incoming healing by 25%
    • Self-Healing Sickness is not triggered if the Healer heals any other target with a Q ability, and thus should only impact solo Healers
15 August 2019Percival Patch 3 and [Known Issue] Wrong Castle Scoring Times
  • Poison zones in Undead Randomized Dungeons now tick every 3 seconds (was every second)
31 July 2019Percival Patch 2 and Hotfix 2.1

Access Rights

  • Alliance members can now be given similar access rights to chests, islands, etc. as guild members
  • Access rights can now be copy-pasted from one object to another
  • "Withdrawal from Account" rights have been split as follows:
    • Withdrawal from Silver Account
    • Withdrawal from Energy Account
  • "Attack Territory" rights have been split as follows:
    • Attack Territory
    • Pacify Warcamp (new)
  • "Manage Banks" rights have been split as follows:
    • Manage Banks
    • View Chest Logs (new)
  • Co-Owners of Banks tabs can now view the tab's logs
31 July 2019Percival Patch 2 and Hotfix 2.1

Loot Table Updates

  • Castle chests can now drop Level 1 Artifacts
  • Treasure sites (chests/lockers) can now drop Level 2 and 3 Artifacts
17 July 2019Percival Patch 1 and Hotfix 1.1

Solo Randomized Dungeon Exits Updated

Leaving a Solo Randomized Dungeon no longer requires a channeling spell - now they can also be exited by walking into a highlighted exit area, as with other dungeon types. Leaving via the channeled "Exit Dungeon" spell (Hotkey: A) is still available at all times.

10 July 2019Percival Update
  • Disabled furniture placement on entrances to random dungeons, as well as some small dungeon entrances that were missed with the last patch
10 July 2019Percival Update

Solo Randomized Dungeons

Randomized Dungeons balanced for solo players will now appear throughout the open world, and will be distinguishable from group randomized dungeons by their portal-like appearance. Higher-tier solo dungeons can be accessed via special Dungeon Maps, which can be obtained from mob drops or bought from other players through the Marketplace.

22 May 2019Oberon Patch 7Chests in Randomized Dungeons are now loot-protected for the character or party that dealt the most damage to the last mob guarding the chest. Note that flagged characters who are hostile toward the character/party that killed the last mob can circumvent this loot protection and open the chest.
17 April 2019Oberon Patch 3
  • Greatly increased buff provided by Silver shrines in Randomized Dungeons to be more rewarding - their bonus will be increased from 50% to 400% for the duration of the buff
10 April 2019Oberon Patch 2 / Free-to-Play LaunchAs of April 10, Albion Online will be entirely free to download and play. Existing players can continue playing as normal, while new players can create an account and play the game without purchasing a pack. The Premium system continues unchanged, and Premium status can still be purchased with either real-world money or ingame currency.
10 April 2019Oberon Patch 2 / Free-to-Play Launch

Respawn Changes

  • The ability to respawn "in nearest city" is replaced with an ability to respawn "in last visited city"
  • The ability to respawn "at nearest territory" is removed, but you can set any territory tower as a home
  • You can still respawn at a home, however you will lose your home binding when you choose to respawn in "last visited city"

Special Island Move

  • During a special transition period of one month, you will be able to move your personal and guild islands to a city of your choice
  • Each island may only be moved a single time, and the move is wasted if not used during this transition period
  • Islands created after the patch goes live CANNOT be moved - this only applies to islands created before the patch
10 April 2019Oberon Patch 2 / Free-to-Play Launch
  • With the launch of free-to-play, the global Silver discount has been adjusted based on a Silver-to-Gold ratio of 2000:1, which allows for lower Silver prices for actions like repairing, buying islands and seeds, re-spec, etc.
  • The "fade to red" effect when health approaches zero has been reduced, giving players a better chance of staying alive at low health
  • All visual quality settings/presets now have "Show Effects" set to "All" by default
  • Premium and Gold stats now appear on the Character Selection screen
  • Changes to dungeon immunity:
    • You cannot get a new "bubble" (immunity to damage and other effects) in dungeons within 60 seconds of last receiving the buff
    • Dungeon immunity duration: 10s → 15s
  • The Undead Knight's spell indication should now be easier to read
  • Reward for "Not a Small Fish" tutorial quest was reduced from 2 Adept's Royal Sigils to 1 Adept's Royal Sigil
  • Tier 7 Earth Elementals found in Randomized Dungeons now only have up to two charges of T7 Stone
27 March 2019Oberon Patch #1
  • Self-healing now applies a healing sickness effect, just like being healed by another player
  • Added a whisper limit that restricts players from whispering to too many different players in a short amount of time to prevent spamming
  • Added additional effects to Randomized Dungeon entrances for better readability
20 March 2019Oberon Update - Oberon Update Hotfix #1, #2, and #3

Hidden Entrances, Randomized Dungeons, and Dungeon Maps

Hidden Entrances now spawn throughout the open world, and can be discovered either through exploration or by using a Dungeon Map. They lead to Randomized Dungeons, which are procedurally generated 5-person dungeons that have entirely unpredictable structures and varying numbers of levels.

New Creatures, Chests, Shrines, and Drops

Randomized Dungeons offer new enemies of various faction types, from low-level mobs to legendary bosses. Chests in these dungeons are shielded by nearby mobs and opened by channeling. Shrines, also unlocked by defeating mobs, offer brief but powerful whole-party buffs. All open-world roaming mobs now have a chance to drop fragment loot (runes, souls and relics), which, along with crafting and transmutation improvements (see below), offer new economic possibilities.

20 March 2019Oberon Update - Oberon Update Hotfix #1, #2, and #3
  • Logout time: 60s → 300s
  • Invulnerability:
    • Now breaks after 10s or after moving 10m from spawn point, whichever comes first
    • No longer invulnerable when logging in inside a dungeon
20 March 2019Oberon Update - Oberon Update Hotfix #1, #2, and #3

Player Execution

  • Cast Time: 1s → 1.5s
  • Taking damage now cancels this cast
  • You can no longer execute players while silenced
20 February 2019Nimue Balance Patch (Patch #7)

General Balance Changes

  • Base Max Hitpoints: 1000 → 1200 (bonus HP from melee weapons remains unchanged)
    • This increases the general Hitpoint pool by 20%
  • Base Max Energy: 100 → 120
    • This increases the general Energy pool by 20%
  • Base Movement Speed: 4.8 m/s → 5.5 m/s
  • In-Combat Duration: 30s → 20s
  • Cap for Auto Attack Max Damage Increase: 200% → 300%
20 June 2018Lancelot Patch #9
  • Cleansing any CC effect now grants a 1-second CC immunity
25 May 2018Lancelot Patch #7
  • Group Fame bonuses now display in the combat log and floating popup messages. Fame earned now displays as follows: total fame gained displays first, followed by a breakdown of modifiers in brackets (zone type bonus, group bonus, and Premium bonus). As always, the following group bonuses apply to Fame earned:
    • Party of 2: no bonus
    • Party of 3: 17% Fame bonus
    • Party of 4: 33% Fame bonus
    • Party of 5-20: 40% Fame bonus
6 December 2017Kay Update
  • Reworked Diminishing Returns:
    • Every crowd control effect now has its own Diminishing Return, i.e. stuns only diminish the duration of subsequent stuns, silence only of silences, etc.
    • With this change, slows will trigger Diminishing Returns again.
  • Channeled Movement abilities can now be cancelled by pressing the button again. (i.e. Whirlwind, Hurricane, Block, Focused Run can be manually cancelled)