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Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
31 July 2018Merlyn UpdateEach city on the Royal Continent now has its own unique refining and crafting bonuses. As the cities have each grown more independent within their own biome, these bonuses are based on materials that are rare for the given biome. (See the "Changes" section below for a breakdown of these changes by city and item type.)
31 July 2018Merlyn Update

Refining and Crafting Bonuses: Bonuses will apply to materials refined and items crafted in the Royal cities. Here are the items that will be affected in each city:

  • Martlock (Highland) - Refining: Hide; Crafting: Axe, Quarterstaff, Frost Staff, Plate Shoes, Offhand
  • Bridgewatch (Steppe) - Refining: Rock; Crafting: Crossbow, Dagger, Cursed Staff, Plate Armor, Cloth Shoes
  • Lymhurst (Forest) - Refining: Fiber; Crafting: Sword, Bow, Arcane Staff, Leather Headgear, Leather Shoes
  • Fort Sterling (Mountain) - Refining: Wood; Crafting: Hammer, Spear, Holy Staff, Cloth Armor, Plate Headgear
  • Thetford (Swamp) - Refining: Ore; Crafting: Mace, Nature Staff, Fire Staff, Leather Armor, Cloth Headgear

Here are the old and new bonuses (the first number is the resource return without Focus; the second is the resource return with Focus):

Location                               Lancelot          Merlyn

Black Zone Territory          

Crafting                                   20% / 48%      25% / 48%

Refining                                   20% / 48%      20% / 46%

Royal Continent                  

Base: City + Caerleon            15% / 45%      15% / 44%

Base: Island                            0% / 35%         0% / 37%

Royal City                

Crafting with Bonus                 -                       25% / 48%

Refining with Bonus                -                       30% / 50%

Royal Island              

Crafting with Bonus                 -                       13% / 43%

Refining with Bonus                -                       20% / 46%

31 July 2018Merlyn UpdateCrafting progress: Crafting progress now updates with each 40 items crafted: for example, if you craft 400 of the same item, your progress, resources, and Fame will be updated 10 times. This is to ensure that all Fame earned is applied to your Destiny Board progress, without the loss of Fame that sometimes occurred previously for very large crafting jobs.
20 June 2018Lancelot Patch #9
  • Cleansing any CC effect now grants a 1-second CC immunity
25 May 2018Lancelot Patch #7
  • Group Fame bonuses now display in the combat log and floating popup messages. Fame earned now displays as follows: total fame gained displays first, followed by a breakdown of modifiers in brackets (zone type bonus, group bonus, and Premium bonus). As always, the following group bonuses apply to Fame earned:
    • Party of 2: no bonus
    • Party of 3: 17% Fame bonus
    • Party of 4: 33% Fame bonus
    • Party of 5-20: 40% Fame bonus
6 December 2017Kay Update
  • Reworked Diminishing Returns:
    • Every crowd control effect now has its own Diminishing Return, i.e. stuns only diminish the duration of subsequent stuns, silence only of silences, etc.
    • With this change, slows will trigger Diminishing Returns again.
  • Channeled Movement abilities can now be cancelled by pressing the button again. (i.e. Whirlwind, Hurricane, Block, Focused Run can be manually cancelled)