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Mastery vs Specialization

Specialization points are obtained by creating items, gathering resources or using specific pieces of gear. Unlike Mastery points, specialization points are specific to an item or skill (e.g Great Frost Staff Combat Specialist or Poison Brewer) instead of a general tree, such as Frost Mage or Alchemist.

Gathering Specializations

Gathering specialization points are obtained by gathering resources of the same Tier as the specialization level. Each gathering specialization increases gathering yield by 0.5%, gathering speed modifier by 0.5, and +0.2 item power for the Gathering Gear of that skill's tier.

Production Specializations

Production specialization points are obtained by Crafting or Refining. Each specialization point provides +30 bonus to focus efficiency while crafting or refining under the same Mastery, and +250 efficiency when crafting or refining a specific product.

Weapon and Armor Specializations

Weapon and armor specialization points are obtained through fame farming. Each piece of gear the player is wearing while killing mobs is given the fame the mob is worth. Each specialization level gives +2 Item Power for that skill and +0.2 Item Power for all other items of the same Mastery. At 100/100 specialization, the player will have +198 Item Power for that gear piece and +20 to other gear of the same Mastery.