Spectral Trident

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General Information

Spectral Trident
Energy Cost 82 Jumps to a target location, rooting enemies within 3m for 4.64s, and dealing 671 physical damage to them. The impact location will then create a magic area with a 8m radius, which lasts for 6s. Inside the area, attack speed is increased by 100%, movement speed by 50%, and cast speed by 30%, for up to 5 allies. (You are invulnerable during the jump.)
Cast Time instant
Range 12m
Cooldown 30s

Note: numerical values are based on gear with 1060 item power.


Ability Preview

Spectral Trident.gif

Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
19 May 2020Queen Patch 12 (Season 9 Balance Patch) and Hotfix 12.1Spears
  • Lunging Strike (all Spears):
    • Hitbox range extended by 1m
  • Fling (Glaive):
    • Hit Delay: 0.4s → 0.2s
    • Standtime: 1s → 0.85s
    • Range: 3m → 5m
    • No longer consumes Spirit Spear stacks
  • Spectral Trident (Trinity Spear):
    • Maximum buff targets: 5 → 10
26 September 2018Merlyn Preseason Balance Patch
  • Fixed an issue where many spells did not escalate in damage when multiple players were hit at the same time, even though this was intended. Affected spells include:
    • Vendetta (Camlann Mace)
    • Raging Storm (Bow of Badon)
    • Spectral Trident (Trinity Spear)
    • Vicious Barrage (Siegebow)
    • Razor Cut (Bear Paws)
    • Soulless Stream (Galatine Pair)
    • Ice Crystal (Permafrost Prism)
    • Flame Tornado (Blazing Staff)