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Albion Online's combat is heavily centered around the use of active abilities and passive effects called spells. Your character can have up to six different active spells, all of which come from the equipment you are wearing. As you progress your combat skills on the Destiny Board more spells become available to choose from.

Weapons provide three active spells on the Q, W, and E default hotkeys. Armor pieces each provide one active spell on the R, D, and F hotkeys. Each equipment piece also grants one passive spell (with the exception of plate chest pieces, which grant two passives).

Generally, several Spells will be available for a particular slot, but only one Spell can be active per slot at a time. This choice appears when equipping the item for the first time, but players can change the Spells of their armor any time they are not in combat by clicking on their equipment in the inventory pane.

Note: Damage and healing values shown when hovering over a spell do not take into account all modifiers, such as the damage/heal percentage bonus from chest armors. For this reason, your actual values will usually be higher than those shown in tooltips.


Every spell has four characteristics: Energy Cost, Cast Time, Range, and Cooldown.

Energy Cost

Players have an energy meter that is expended to cast spells. Casting a spell will reduce the caster's energy by the shown amount (which may be 0).

Some spells consume energy over time while in use. Others consume a flat percentage.

If a player does not have enough energy in their energy meter to cast a spell, it will be impossible to cast the spell and the icon will be grayed out.

Cast Time

The time it takes between pressing the button and the ability's effect actually initiating. This can be one of three things:

  • Instant: The ability activates immediately, though there may still be a startup delay.
  • Cast Time: The ability must be channeled (preventing you from taking any other action) for a short time before it will activate, usually 1-2 seconds. During this cast time, the ability can be interrupted by stuns, silences, or displacements, which will prevent the ability from activating and put it on cooldown. The player may also manually cancel the ability, which prevents any energy from being expended.
  • Channeled: The ability activates immediately, but must be channeled for the entire duration of the effect. Some channeled abilities require the player to stand in place, while others permit movement. Most channeled abilities can be interrupted by stuns or knockbacks with a few exceptions.



After using a spell, there is a delay before it may be used again. This is denoted by a timer over the spell icon.

Once the timer has elapsed, the icon will flash and become bright again, signaling to the player that it may be used again.

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