Leather Shoes

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General Information

  • To wear Leather Shoes, the appropriate node must be unlocked on the Destiny Board
  • The journey to unlock Tier 2 Leather Shoes begins in the Trainee Fighter node
  • To unlock Tier 3 Leather Shoes, the player will need to unlock the Journeyman Leather Armor Fighter node
  • In order to unlock Tier 4 and higher Leather Shoes, the player will need to unlock the Leather Shoes Fighter node
  • Once the Leather Shoes Fighter node is unlocked, the player will determine which type of Leather Shoes they would like to unlock further
  • There are five different Leather Shoes types that may be unlocked on the Destiny Board: Hunter, Mercenary, Assassin, Royal and Artifact
  • Players may also craft a Royal Shoes using Royal Sigils and the various tiers of Mercenary Shoes
  • Additionally, players will be able to craft Artifact Shoes beginning at Tier 4 if they have the appropriate Artifact items


  • Based on Normal Item Quality
  • Shoes have additional stats and enchantments which may be viewed by clicking on the Item Name
Item NameTierItem PowerMax Hit PointsMax EnergyHit Points RegenerationEnergy Regeneration
Beginner's Mercenary Shoes1100181.70.18 /s0.02 /s
Rubberband Boots1100181.70.18 /s0.02 /s
Novice's Mercenary Shoes2300575.40.57 /s0.07 /s
Journeyman's Mercenary Shoes35001019.91 /s0.12 /s
Adept's Assassin Shoes4700151151.5 /s0.19 /s
Adept's Hellion Shoes4750164171.6 /s0.21 /s
Adept's Hunter Shoes4700151151.5 /s0.19 /s
Adept's Mercenary Shoes4700151151.5 /s0.19 /s
Adept's Royal Shoes4725158161.6 /s0.2 /s
Adept's Shoes of Tenacity4800178181.8 /s0.23 /s
Adept's Specter Shoes4775171181.7 /s0.22 /s
Adept's Stalker Shoes4725158161.6 /s0.2 /s
Expert's Assassin Shoes5800178181.8 /s0.23 /s
Expert's Hellion Shoes5850192201.9 /s0.25 /s
Expert's Hunter Shoes5800178181.8 /s0.23 /s
Expert's Mercenary Shoes5800178181.8 /s0.23 /s
Expert's Royal Shoes5825185191.9 /s0.24 /s
Expert's Shoes of Tenacity5900207222.1 /s0.27 /s
Expert's Specter Shoes5875200212 /s0.26 /s
Expert's Stalker Shoes5825185191.9 /s0.24 /s
Master's Assassin Shoes6900207222.1 /s0.27 /s
Master's Hellion Shoes6950222232.2 /s0.29 /s
Master's Hunter Shoes6900207222.1 /s0.27 /s
Master's Mercenary Shoes6900207222.1 /s0.27 /s
Master's Royal Shoes6925214232.1 /s0.28 /s
Master's Shoes of Tenacity61,000237252.4 /s0.32 /s
Master's Specter Shoes6975229242.3 /s0.3 /s
Master's Stalker Shoes6925214232.1 /s0.28 /s
Grandmaster's Assassin Shoes71,000237252.4 /s0.32 /s
Grandmaster's Hellion Shoes71,050253272.5 /s0.34 /s
Grandmaster's Hunter Shoes71,000237252.4 /s0.32 /s
Grandmaster's Mercenary Shoes71,000237252.4 /s0.32 /s
Grandmaster's Royal Shoes71,025245262.5 /s0.33 /s
Grandmaster's Shoes of Tenacity71,100269292.7 /s0.37 /s
Grandmaster's Specter Shoes71,075261282.6 /s0.35 /s
Grandmaster's Stalker Shoes71,025245262.5 /s0.33 /s
Elder's Assassin Shoes81,100269292.7 /s0.37 /s
Elder's Hellion Shoes81,150286312.9 /s0.39 /s
Elder's Hunter Shoes81,100269292.7 /s0.37 /s
Elder's Mercenary Shoes81,100269292.7 /s0.37 /s
Elder's Royal Shoes81,125278302.8 /s0.38 /s
Elder's Shoes of Tenacity81,200304343 /s0.42 /s
Elder's Specter Shoes81,175295332.9 /s0.41 /s
Elder's Stalker Shoes81,125278302.8 /s0.38 /s