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Albion's Cities and Starter Towns

Cities and Starter Towns are safe, blue zones considered the social and financial hubs of Albion Online. There are 5 Royal Cities and a capital, Caerleon, making a total of 6 cities and 5 Starter Towns.

The Cities appear as level 1 zones while the Starter Towns appears as level 2 blue zones. Each Starter Town is two zones apart from a Royal City, meaning that a player will have to travel through one zone and two zone entrances to reach a Royal City from a Starter Town or a Starter Town from a Royal City. There is no fast travel between Starter Towns and Royal Cities, but there is fast travel among the Starter Towns and among the Cities.

Starter Towns

These towns are your first encounter with cities in Albion Online. There are five starter towns, and all of them are located in the Royal Continent. There is one for each biome in the game, and they are associated with different starting locations of the game:

These beginner cities have a variety of buildings available for players to craft equipment and weapons up to Tier 3, saddle mounts up to Tier 4, and refine resources up to Tier 3. These buildings are not owned by players, which means they are free to use.

Besides the crafting and refining stations, there is also a Repair Station, where players can repair and salvage items and reroll an item's quality. On top of that, there is a local Marketplace where you can sell and buy crafted gear, mounts, tools, materials and all sorts of items. The beginner cities have a central bank, where you can safely store goods for later use.

Important: Each bank is unique to its city and is not globally shared. This means if you store your Sword in the Steppe Cross bank, you cannot take it out of the bank in any other city. Bank storage is not shared between characters either.

Last but not least, these cities have an Expedition Portal, where players can join an individual Tier 3 Expedition to receive Fame and Silver. All you need to do is to talk to an Expedition Master NPC and select the available mission. If you want to play higher-tier Expeditions or play in a group, you will need to go to any of the Player Cities or Caerleon.