Starter Zones

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Starter Zones

General information

There are 5 starter zones within the Royal Continent of Albion Online which you can reach after the tutorial or by skipping the tutorial. These zones have their own respective Biomes and Faction Cities close to them. Within each Starter zone there are rudimentary buildings that helps the player choose their direction whether it be crafting, refining, gathering, or everything in totality. In the vast space Albion provides, this is your area of experimentation, the buildings in these areas include:

Starter Zone Buildings
Crafting Buildings Refining Buildings Unique Buildings
Mage's Tower Smelter Marketplace
Hunter's Lodge Weaver Bank
Warrior's Forge Tanner Expedition Master
Toolmaker Lumbermill Repair Station
Saddler Stonemason

All starting Zones are Tier 2 and are a type of safe zone known as Blue Zones.

Starting Zones
Tile Biome Faction City
Swamp Cross Swamp Thetford
Mountain Cross Mountain Fort Sterling
Forest Cross Forest Lymhurst
Steppe Cross Steppe Bridgewatch
Highland Cross Highland Martlock


As they say, all good thing must come to an end, so too does your time in a starting zone. The max you can reach is Tier 3, you cannot craft or repair past that. This is what pushes you to your Faction City which is the next stage of progression in your journey

Map of Swamp Cross, Swamp Starter Zone