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Stone Blocks are a refined resource, made from rock. Stone Blocks are used for constructing buildings and crafting demolition hammers.

Stone Blocks are created by refining rock at a stonemason. Different tier stone blocks require different amounts of rock to be refined.

Except for tier 2, all stone blocks need a lower tier stone block and raw rock of the same tier you want to create.

The amount of rock required to refine higher tier stone blocks increases with each tier. See the table below with all the refining recipies of the stonemason.

Stone Blocks are the only refined resource that does not exist in uncommon, rare or exceptional form.

Refining Recipes

List of Stone Blocks Refining Recipes
Tier Refined Rock Type Recipe Item Value Weight (kg)
Tier 2
2 Limestone Block 2 x Limestone 2 0.2
Tier 3
3 Sandstone Block 2 x Sandstone 1x Limestone Block 6 0.3
Tier 4
4 Travertine Block 2 x Travertine 1x Sandstone Block 14 0.5
Tier 5
5 Granite Block 3 x Granite 1x Travertine Block 30 0.8
Tier 6
6 Slate Block 4 x Slate 1x Granite Block 62 1.1
Tier 7
7 Basalt Block 5 x Basalt 1x Slate Block 126 1.7
Tier 8
8 Marble Block 5 x Marble 1x Basalt Block 254 2.6

Crafting Recipes

List of crafting recipes that require stone blocks:

  • item name 1
  • item name 2

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