Tame Animals

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General Information

In order to grow some mounts, the baby is required to nurture it to an adult.

Mob Drop Rates

Mob Name Baby Name Drop Chance
Giant Stag Adept's Fawn 0.12%
Direbear Direbear Cub 0.5189%
Feral Bear Direbear Cub 0.0193%
Direboar Direboar Piglet 0.3866%
Feral Boar Direboar Piglet 0.0168%
Direwolf Direwolf Pup 0.12%
Old White Mammoth Calf 36.4000%
Ancient Mammoth Mammoth Calf 0.5189%
Mammoth Mammoth Calf 0.0193%
Swamp Dragon Swamp Dragon Pup 0.12%
Veteran Bonecrusher Ancient Swiftclaw Cub 6.05%
Veteran Bonecrusher Chieftain Swiftclaw Cub 6.05%
Elite Bonecrusher Elder Swiftclaw Cub 9.466%
Veteran Bonecrusher Swiftclaw Cub 6.050%