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{{draft}} creates an information box telling the user that a page, or a section of a page, is just a draft, i.e. under construction and not necessarily containing all the information you otherwise could expect. The box will show at the position on the page where you put the template, and stretch horizontally to fill the width of the available space.

The template will automatically add the page to the category Category:Drafts.


There is only 1 parameter, which is named and optional.


To use the template for an entire page, put the code


on the top of the page.

To use it for a sub-section of a page, put the code


directly beneath the sub-section's header.

Optional parameter


Changes the word "page" to "section"

If you want to inform the user that a section of the page is a draft, use this parameter.

Any value you specify will be interpreted as "true", and invoke the parameter; i.e. |section=yes will yield the same result as |section=haggis.

  • {{draft|section=yes}}

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