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Allows for items to be displayed inline as links to item articles, alongside an icon of variable size. The icon and text may be separated either by a space (default) or a line break.


Either give the following parameters in exact order (only name is required):

  • {{itemlink|$NAME|$IMAGE|#SIZE|$DIVISOR}}

Or give them by name in any order (only name is required):

  • {{itemlink|name=$NAME|image=$IMAGE|size=#SIZE|divisor=$DIVISOR|amount=#AMOUNT}}


  1. name: (Required) Exact item name, case-sensitive.
  2. image: (Optional) If given, an exact filename for the desired graphic. Otherwise, presumes for name followed by .png -- i.e. Rough Log will link to Rough_Log.png
  3. size: (Optional) Size of the image in standard CSS notation. Defaults to 24px (24 pixels.)
    • Or one of these preset names, either first letter or full: (case insensitive)
      • Small (Currently 24px)
      • Medium (Currently 30px)
      • Big (Currently 60px)
      • Huge (Currently 100px)
  4. divisor: (Optional) The image will be divided from the item name by a line break if this value is line break, linebreak, return, or br. If not given, or if any other value is given, they will be divided by a space.
  5. amount or x: (Optional) The amount to show in front of the item.


explanation code output
With spacing.
{{itemlink|Rough Logs}}
Rough Logs.png Rough Logs
Same as above with amount.
|name=Rough Logs
10×Rough Logs.png Rough Logs
With line break and larger image.
|name=Rough Logs
Rough Logs.png
Rough Logs
Same as above with amount and preset Huge for size.
|name=Rough Logs
10×Rough Logs.png
Rough Logs

Needed support

  • This template will link to an article of the given item name, presumed to exist.
  • This template will link to an image by the item's name, presumed to exist, and intended to be the item's ingame inventory icon. This may be a fairly large size (e.g. direct game rip) as this template will ask for a smaller version.

This is the documentation page, it should be transcluded into the main template page. See Template:Doc for more information.