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patch note bullet broken down by relevance to other particular pages. For example, may be balance changes to a particular item, as part of a larger patch with other relevant patch note bullets. Relies on auto-population of properties from the Template:Patchnotes infobox and builds on those to make relevant connections to other pages.

Template parameters

Patch Notes1

The patch notes to encapsulate


List of relevant pages to display on. Can be in the form of "<PageName>" or "Category:<CategoryName>" or use attributes. For example if a patchnote relates to all spells for the "berserk ability" you could add "Has Spell:Berserk" in the pages parameter to pass that note to all pages that have that property.



This template is a wrapper template is to be used in conjunction with Template:Patchnote related. Based on contents wrapped in this template as the first parameter, a sub object is created, which then the Patchnote related template uses to stamps relevant pages.


{{Patchnote|This is the patch text from the Patchnote doc|pages=Template:Patchnote related}} Will result in no change to the text: This is the patch text from the Patchnote doc However, it will show on the corresponding page that was stamped with it.

Important notes

Because you are wrapping many values, it is very likely that sometimes you come accross a bad character that the template can't handle. For example, equals signs (=) or even pipes (|) can cause issues because it messes up how the template parameters are read. To fix this, an additional template is used to replace the values.

So if you had an "=" and replaced it with "{{=}}" then you would see the = normally.