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This is a group of templates that work together to provide various navigation boxes related to raw and refined resources in the game using {{navbox}}.


Beware of white-space !
No white-space allowed, see test cases.

Type {{Resources nav/item|named parameters=value|FULLPAGENAME}} somewhere.

  • unnamed parameters:
    • FULLPAGENAME (Required, 1st unnamed parameter)
      The complete pagename of the resource to display and link to without namespace.
      Eg. “Resource/Wood/Rough Logs
      Make sure there is no white-space after it, thus close the template call right after it to eliminate the trailing linefeed.
  • named parameters:
    • l or layout (Optional, case-insensitive)
      To have a horizontal/vertical layout.
      One of these preset names, either first letter or full:
      • Vertical (Default)
      • Horizontal
    • t or tier (Optional, Integer or Roman uppercase)
      The tier of the item, sets the background color to same as the tier indicator of the image. (Grey is used if not set)
      Valid values:
      • 18
      • IVIII
    • s or size (Optional, case-insensitive)
      Size of the image.
      One of these preset names, either first letter or full:
      • Big (100px)
      • Normal (80px) (Default)
      • Small or Inline (48px)
    • q or quality (Optional, Integer)
      The item quality level.
      Valid values:
      • 15
    • e or enchantment (Optional, Integer)
      The item enchantment level.
      Valid values:
      • 03


It depends on the following sub-templates to display:

Shortcut Actual template Explanation
{{Resources nav/startdata}} The HTML to start the main flexbox.
(Needs to be closed with a </div>)
Single resource:
{{Resources nav/item}} Displays single entries inside the .../data templates.
Uses <aoitem> to display the image.
Makes use of CSS-Grid Technology.
Raw resource groups:
{{Resources nav/Raw}} Displays the groups below combined.
{{Wood Log nav}} {{Resources nav/Raw/Wood}} Displays all Wood Logs.
Uses {{Resources nav/Raw/Wood/data}}
{{Stone Rock nav}} {{Resources nav/Raw/Stone}} Displays all Stone Rocks.
Uses {{Resources nav/Raw/Stone/data}}
{{Fiber nav}} {{Resources nav/Raw/Fiber}} Displays all Fibers.
Uses {{Resources nav/Raw/Fiber/data}}
{{Hide nav}} {{Resources nav/Raw/Hide}} Displays all Hides.
Uses {{Resources nav/Raw/Hide/data}}
{{Ore nav}} {{Resources nav/Raw/Ore}} Displays all Ores.
Uses {{Resources nav/Raw/Ore/data}}
Refined resource groups:
{{Resources nav/Refined}} Displays the groups below combined.
{{Plank nav}} {{Resources nav/Refined/Wood}} Displays all Planks.
Uses {{Resources nav/Refined/Wood/data}}
{{Stone Block nav}} {{Resources nav/Refined/Stone}} Displays all Stone Blocks.
Uses {{Resources nav/Refined/Stone/data}}
{{Cloth nav}} {{Resources nav/Refined/Fiber}} Displays all Cloths.
Uses {{Resources nav/Refined/Fiber/data}}
{{Leather nav}} {{Resources nav/Refined/Hide}} Displays all Leathers.
Uses {{Resources nav/Refined/Hide/data}}
{{Metal Bar nav}} {{Resources nav/Refined/Ore}} Displays all Metal Bars.
Uses {{Resources nav/Refined/Ore/data}}
Combined groups:
{{Resources nav}} {{Resources nav/All}} Displays the groups below combined.
{{Wood nav}} {{Resources nav/Wood}} Displays all Wood Logs and Planks combined.
Uses both {{Resources nav/Raw/Wood/data}} and {{Resources nav/Refined/Wood/data}}.
{{Stone nav}} {{Resources nav/Stone}} Displays all Stone Rocks and Stone Blocks combined.
Uses both {{Resources nav/Raw/Stone/data}} and {{Resources nav/Refined/Stone/data}}.
{{Fibers nav}} {{Resources nav/Fiber}} Displays all Fibers and Cloths combined.
Uses both {{Resources nav/Raw/Fiber/data}} and {{Resources nav/Refined/Fiber/data}}.
{{Hides nav}} {{Resources nav/Hide}} Displays all Hides and Leathers combined.
Uses both {{Resources nav/Raw/Hide/data}} and {{Resources nav/Refined/Hide/data}}.
{{Ores nav}} {{Resources nav/Ore}} Displays all Ores and Metal Bars combined.
Uses both {{Resources nav/Raw/Ore/data}} and {{Resources nav/Refined/Ore/data}}.
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