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THIS TEMPLATE IS NOT IN USE. See Template:Weapon Overview Page for the newer version.

This template creates a complete Weapon Tree Overview page.

Author: User:Tilden


  1. Copy the text below.
  2. On the target page, use the EDIT SOURCE editor to delete EVERYTHING, then paste the copied text.
  3. Trim the number of Abilities (Q, W, and Passives) to the desired number by deleting the extra lines. For example, if a weapon tree has a total of 4 W-slot Abilities, delete the lines for W5 and W6.
  4. Fill out each line. All entries are case sensitive. Item and Ability names should always have every word capitalized.
    • If you're not sure what the correct common weapon name is, refer to the List of Equipment Categories. The category name is the name you should use (including capitalization).
  5. Save your edits and confirm that everything looks correct.

{{Weapon Tree Page

| common weapon name = (Holy Staff/Sword/etc)
| weapon category = (Mage/Hunter/Warrior)
| weapon summary = (describe weapon general characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, etc)

| standard weapon 1 = (name of first non-artifact weapon, capitalized)
| standard weapon 2 = (name of second weapon)
| standard weapon 3 = (name of third weapon)
| rune weapon = (name of rune weapon)
| soul weapon = (name of soul weapon)
| relic weapon = (name of relic weapon)

| Q1 name = (name of first Q ability)
| Q1 level = (level that this ability is unlocked)
| Q2 name = (name of second Q ability)
| Q2 level = (unlock level)
| Q3 name = (name of third Q ability)
| Q3 level = (unlock level)

| W1 name = (name of first W ability)
| W1 level = (level that this ability is unlocked)
| W2 name = (name of second W ability)
| W2 level = (unlock level)
| W3 name = (name of third W ability)
| W3 level = (unlock level)
| W4 name = (name of fourth W ability)
| W4 level = (unlock level)
| W5 name = (name of fifth W ability)
| W5 level = (unlock level)
| W6 name = (name of sixth W ability)
| W6 level = (unlock level)

| E1 name = (name of weapon 1's E ability)
| E2 name = (name of weapon 2's E ability)
| E3 name = (name of weapon 3's E ability)
| E rune name = (name of rune weapon's E ability)
| E soul name = (name of soul weapon's E ability)
| E relic name = (name of relic weapon's E ability)

| P1 name = (name of first Passive)
| P1 level = (level this Passive is unlocked)
| P2 name = (name of second Passive)
| P2 level = (unlock level)
| P3 name = (name of third Passive)
| P3 level = (unlock level)
| P4 name = (name of fourth Passive)
| P4 level = (unlock level)
| P5 name = (name of fifth Passive)
| P5 level = (unlock level)



See the Example Page for how this template looks in practice.

This is the documentation page, it should be transcluded into the main template page. See Template:Doc for more information.