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This is a group of templates that work together to provide various navigation boxes related to raw and refined resources in the game using {{navbox}}.


Beware of white-space !
No white-space allowed, see test cases.

Type {{Resources nav/Wood|state}} somewhere.

The initial state is collapsed and can be lifted by providing an empty frist argument.
You can also use other state´s as documented in mw:Manual:Collapsible elements.


It depends on the following sub-templates to display:

Shortcut Actual template Explanation
{{Resources nav/startdata}} The HTML to start the main flexbox.
(Needs to be closed with a </div>)
Single resource:
{{Resources nav/item}} Displays single entries inside the .../data templates.
Uses <aoitem> to display the image.
Makes use of CSS-Grid Technology.
Raw resource groups:
{{Resources nav/Raw}} Displays the groups below combined.
{{Wood Log nav}} {{Resources nav/Raw/Wood}} Displays all Wood Logs.
Uses {{Resources nav/Raw/Wood/data}}
{{Stone Rock nav}} {{Resources nav/Raw/Stone}} Displays all Stone Rocks.
Uses {{Resources nav/Raw/Stone/data}}
{{Fiber nav}} {{Resources nav/Raw/Fiber}} Displays all Fibers.
Uses {{Resources nav/Raw/Fiber/data}}
{{Hide nav}} {{Resources nav/Raw/Hide}} Displays all Hides.
Uses {{Resources nav/Raw/Hide/data}}
{{Ore nav}} {{Resources nav/Raw/Ore}} Displays all Ores.
Uses {{Resources nav/Raw/Ore/data}}
Refined resource groups:
{{Resources nav/Refined}} Displays the groups below combined.
{{Plank nav}} {{Resources nav/Refined/Wood}} Displays all Planks.
Uses {{Resources nav/Refined/Wood/data}}
{{Stone Block nav}} {{Resources nav/Refined/Stone}} Displays all Stone Blocks.
Uses {{Resources nav/Refined/Stone/data}}
{{Cloth nav}} {{Resources nav/Refined/Fiber}} Displays all Cloths.
Uses {{Resources nav/Refined/Fiber/data}}
{{Leather nav}} {{Resources nav/Refined/Hide}} Displays all Leathers.
Uses {{Resources nav/Refined/Hide/data}}
{{Metal Bar nav}} {{Resources nav/Refined/Ore}} Displays all Metal Bars.
Uses {{Resources nav/Refined/Ore/data}}
Combined groups:
{{Resources nav}} {{Resources nav/All}} Displays the groups below combined.
{{Wood nav}} {{Resources nav/Wood}} Displays all Wood Logs and Planks combined.
Uses both {{Resources nav/Raw/Wood/data}} and {{Resources nav/Refined/Wood/data}}.
{{Stone nav}} {{Resources nav/Stone}} Displays all Stone Rocks and Stone Blocks combined.
Uses both {{Resources nav/Raw/Stone/data}} and {{Resources nav/Refined/Stone/data}}.
{{Fibers nav}} {{Resources nav/Fiber}} Displays all Fibers and Cloths combined.
Uses both {{Resources nav/Raw/Fiber/data}} and {{Resources nav/Refined/Fiber/data}}.
{{Hides nav}} {{Resources nav/Hide}} Displays all Hides and Leathers combined.
Uses both {{Resources nav/Raw/Hide/data}} and {{Resources nav/Refined/Hide/data}}.
{{Ores nav}} {{Resources nav/Ore}} Displays all Ores and Metal Bars combined.
Uses both {{Resources nav/Raw/Ore/data}} and {{Resources nav/Refined/Ore/data}}.
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