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The world is divided into two continents, Royal Continent and Outlands. Each continent is divided into regions commonly referred to as zones. Territories are claimable spaces in the open world which can be claimed by guilds through multiple days of open world combat - ZvZ (resource and farm territories in the Outlands). Territories provide a variety of benefits depending on the tower level of the territory. Not every cluster contains claimable territories.

Territory Claiming

Claiming an unclaimed territory is simple - just kill the NPCs guarding the territory, go to the tower, pay the silver fee and complete the channel. Be wary, however: there will likely be others looking to do the same, and territories can only be claimed during the “Primetime” of the zone.

If the territory you are looking to conquer has already been claimed by another guild, you will need to declare an attack and win the territory over several days of open world combat.

Declaring Attacks

Attack declarations are made directly at the enemy territory. In order to declare an attack you need to first take out the Sentry Mage. When the Sentry Mage is defeated, the tower’s defenses are disabled. Now you can go to the tower and declare an attack. The actual fight will happen at the next day at the start of the cluster’s prime time.

  • Attack Declarations can be made at any time, independent of a cluster’s prime time.
  • A territory can be attacked by multiple guilds at once. (they all join the same battle)
  • Declaring an attack costs 2 million silver
  • Example:
    • An attack declaration is made on Monday at 14 UTC.
    • The attacked territory's prime time is 20 UTC.
    • The actual battle time will be on Tuesday at 20 UTC.

Open World Battle

  • The Sentry Mage despawns 15 minutes before the attack (disabling the tower laser)
  • Attacks can only happen at the cluster’s prime time.
  • The battleground is directly at the territory in the open world (not any instance)
  • Any player can enter the cluster and take part in the fight
  • As soon as the attack starts, guilds can claim the territory by channeling the tower:
    • The channel lasts 30 seconds, but can’t be interrupted by damage (only hard CC interrupts the channel)
    • The tower can be channeled by the defending guild to end the attack
    • OR by any guild with an attack declaration. (If your guild has no declaration you can’t interact with the tower)
    • The first guild to channel the tower wins the fight
    • If after 30 minutes no one has channeled the tower, the defender wins by default

Territory Benefits

Season Points

  • Territories score from 100 up to 300[1] Season Points every day at the zone's primetime, depending on the territory's position in the Outlands. The closer to the center the Territory is, the more Season Points it scores. For exact value per territory, see the Territory Season Point Values table on the Season 8 wiki page. Territory scores can be further increased by leveling up your tower (see Tower Upgrades below).[2]

Owning a territory has the following benefits:

  • Siphoning Mages which generate Season Points and Siphoned Energy for the guild (Farms now also have Siphoning Mages)
  • You can bank your item in the chest - you may only bank equip-able item.
  • The territory has NPC guards that attack enemy guilds
  • The tower itself is armed with a devastating lightning beam, providing an fallback position when outnumbered in the open world
  • Some territories provide farm plots in the open world (Farms)

Tower Upgrades

The territory tower can be upgraded with Crystal League. Crystal League matches can be started from a territory tower. Winning those matches from the tower has following benefits:

  • Winning a Crystal League match level 4 or higher gives an additional Crystal League Chest for each member of the winning team.
    • The tier of the chest depends on the won tower level, i.e. T5 Chest for a T5 match, etc (this reward is independent of the tower level and only depends on the token level)
  • Winning a match of the tower’s level or higher will upgrade the tower by one level Example:
    • Winning with a level 3 token on a level 3 tower will upgrade the tower to 4
    • Winning with a level 3 token on a level 5 tower, on the other hand, will have no effect
  • A tower’s level decays over time.
    • Losing crystal league matches has no direct influence.
    • However If no match is won of at least the current tower level, the tower will lose one level after a number of days. The number of days depends on the tower level. (see the chart below)
  • Losing ownership of an territory does not reset the Tower Level, even on Invasion Day the towers keep their level
    • At the end of the season all towers are reset to level 1 and stay on level 1 until the next season starts
  • The tower upgrade has the following effects:
    • Increases the yield for resource gathering for EVERY player in the cluster
    • Increases the rate of enchanted resources to spawn in the cluster
    • Increases the strength of the territory guards and Sentry Mage
    • Siphoning Mages create more energy and season points

Tower Level Values

Tower Level Cluster Buff:

Resource yield increase

Cluster Buff:

Resource enchantment Factor

NPC Guards Buff (incl. Sentry Mage) Siphoning Mage Buff:

Energy & Season Point Factor

Tower Level Decay Rate
1 - 1 - 1 -
2 2% 1.1 +15% Hitpoints

+10% Damage

1.1 4 days
3 5% 1.2 +30% Hitpoints

+20% Damage

1.2 4 days
4 7% 1.3 +60% Hitpoints

+30% Damage

1.3 4 days
5 10% 1.4 +90% Hitpoints

+50% Damage

1.4 8 days
6 12% 1.6 +130% Hitpoints

+70% Damage

1.6 15 days
7 15% 1.8 +170% Hitpoints

+100% Damage

1.8 29 days
8 20% 2 +220% Hitpoints

+150% Damage

2 29 days

Types of Territories

2 types of territory that a guild can claim

Resource Territories - These territories contain many farmable resources. These territories offer their owners a gathering yield buff while inside the territory and are protected by guards and a deadly watchtower.

Farm Territories - On these plots are many farms accessible to the controlling guild in order to help maintain food costs. These plots are protected by NPC guards and a deadly watchtower in the center.

The Territory Advantage

There are many benefits to owning or being in an alliance with owners of a territory.

  1. These spaces are safe havens in full loot zones. They are patrolled by Guards with high damage and health pools that do not turn aggressive to allies. They can be used to run from enemies, or log out safely in a zone.
  2. They have bank storage. You can store materials you are gathering here, extending how long you can remain in the zone. You can store equipment here to quickly change sets and join the action. You can store your current equipment here and /suicide to get to town quicker. You can safely store that loot you just got and continue on your journey. You can place a repair table and always have somewhere to repair nearby. Storage offers wonderful advantages.
  3. Watchtower plots are full of resources, and allies get a gathering bonus while gathering inside a territory.
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