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The Heretics

The Heretics are a non-player faction comprised of the unlucky criminals and disgraced nobles who made up Albion's first colonists. Completely abandoned by the Old World, they now fight just to survive in their harsh new home. They are scrappy, resourceful, and often insane--those who underestimate them do so at their own peril.

Their Story

When the King first decided to exploit Albion, he did it as cheaply as possible. Criminals serving long sentences or awaiting execution were given the choice to become colonists instead. Other undesirables, from those with ancient blood ties to the King’s enemies to the odd noble that had fallen out of favor, were also encouraged, firmly, to serve overseas. Only men were sent in the first expedition. The King didn’t intend this to be anything other than a short-term measure and knew that if such a volatile bunch were able to put down roots, they might become a problem in the long term.

For four years the colonists managed to survive. Albion was tough on them and took its toll, as they learned which things were safe to eat and which might eat them. Divisions soon emerged and the group splintered off into various sub-factions. The largest of these was led by a man called Gibson. A butcher by trade, with a good head for figures, Gibson had got on the wrong side of the King due to his outspoken views on taxation. He was a methodical man, who knew how to divide things fairly and wasn’t afraid to speak out. He was also handy with a meat cleaver.

As the colonists prospered, they drew the attention of Albion’s more dangerous inhabitants. Their simple fences were more than adequate to keep out hungry wolves, but when the Keepers and their giants came, it was a different story. Turfed out of their own home and forced to flee into unknown areas, it was only a matter of time before the weak bonds between them started to break. Their enemies possessed strange powers, turning the very land against them. And as they ventured deeper into Albion, they came across fresh horrors: the walking dead, huge knights armored in fire and black iron, and wild beasts straight out of legend.

As they looked from bloodthirsty giants and axe-wielding berserkers on one side, to wicked cultists and their soul-drinking demons on the other, their leaders came to an irrefutable conclusion: Albion was a place of nightmare and it, along with all of its inhabitants, had to be destroyed. The Old World had cast them out and Albion had rejected them, so they would burn it all and start again.

They began to work their own weapons, crude things that could only hold the weakest of Albion’s magic. Even so, it was significant, the first step in a much greater plan. Falling back on old survival skills, they laid low and sent out spies to observe Albion’s natives. From a distance, they observed strange rituals and rites. Daring raids secured them scraps of knowledge from the other factions. Some of them tried to recreate the rituals with limited success, others attempted to tap into the magic of the land in their own way, without training, and were never the same again. Though they could not equal the power of Albion’s other magical factions, they did succeed in creating their own staves and artifacts, empowering their first mages.

The growth in power reflected their growing madness. Even the pragmatic Gibson was affected. One night he simply wandered away only to return a month later, changed, proclaiming himself a ‘Heretic’. Shortly afterwards all contact was lost between the colony and the Old World. The Royal Expeditionary Forces arrived a few years later to find their countrymen had rejected the Old World and were calling themselves Heretics. Diplomacy between the two groups never even started as the Heretics attacked anyone they encountered on sight. Albion had driven the Heretics to embrace the worst parts of themselves, and everyone was poorer as a result.

While they share a title, the Heretics are not one single faction. Indeed, they are as likely to attack each other as they are any of the other groups.


The Scavengers

The rank and file of the Heretics, motivated by the need to fill their bellies. A mix of poachers, archers and thieves, they're lightly armored for speed and stealth, and favor quick or ranged weapons.

Always desperate, they’ll kill you if they can and take your things. If they can't kill you, they’ll just take your things. And if you’re too strong even for that, they’ll run away. They know they’re outmatched by most of the other factions and increase their odds through a combination of underhanded tactics, low cunning and a complete lack of conscience.

The Fanatics

These are the Heretics who have tapped into Albion’s magic in various ways. One might watch a Keeper ritual and manage to repeat a twisted version of it. Another might spend hours experimenting with a staff until finally getting something to work.

The Heretics have had limited success in this way. Their healers can perform many of the same functions as the druids do for the Keepers, just not as effectively or with as broad a power base. Their mages can use magic, especially pyromancy, but understand nothing behind what they do. Because of this, they will never be as dangerous as Morgana’s cultists or a properly trained battle-mage. And by tapping into Albion’s magic directly, without understanding, the Heretic’s magic users have all been driven mad.


Heretic Mobs

  • Heretic Firestarter
  • Heretic Poacher
  • Heretic Thief

Heretic Bosses

Heretic Items