The World

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View of the world map
The world map.

The world of Albion is divided between the Royal Continent and the Outlands. In-game, every region is broken down into zones that each has a unique name.


Every zone belongs to a biome, which determines what kinds of wildlife is found there, as well as the availability of resources that can be gathered by players. Each biome contains three types of resources, with three levels of availability.

Biome Resources

Biome Primary Secondary Tertiary
Highland Stone Ore Wood
Steppe Hide Fiber Ore
Forest Wood Hide Stone
Mountain Ore Stone Fiber
Swamp Fiber Wood Hide
Example of a resource hotspot on the world map
An example of a resource hotspot (wood) on the world map.

Primary resources are the most abundant, and certain zones will even be hotspots for that resource (displayed as a resource icon on that zone in the world map), making them excellent places to gather. Secondary resources are ones that can also be found in that biome but have no hotspot zones there. Tertiary will be scarce in this area.