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This is a list of every item listed as Token on the marketplace.

Arena Sigil:

Royal Tokens:

Royal Tokens: Royal Horse Token Adept's Royal Sigil Expert's Royal Sigil Master's Royal Sigil Grandmaster's Royal Sigil Elder's Royal Sigil

HCE Maps:

HCE Maps are classified as tokens, yet unlike the other tokens they are in no crafting recipe.

Map (Lvl. 1 - 15) Ice and Fire

Map (Lvl. 1 - 15) Preaching to the Dead

Map (Lvl. 1 - 15) Fishy Business

Map (Lvl. 1 - 15) Stone Wars

Map (Lvl. 1 - 15) Lumber Lunacy

Map (Lvl. 1 - 15) Lurking Underneath

Map (Lvl. 1 - 15) Fungicide

Map (Lvl. 1 - 15) Three Sisters

Map (Lvl. 1 - 15) Eternal Battle

Map (Lvl. 1 - 15) Fistful of Silver

Map (Lvl. 1 - 15) In the Raven's Claws

Event Tokens:


Mount Tokens:

Cape Tokens:

Cape Tokens are also known as Crests

Bridgewatch Tokens: Adept's Bridgewatch Crest Expert's Bridgewatch Crest Master's Bridgewatch Crest Grandmaster's Bridgewatch Crest Elder's Bridgewatch Crest
Fort Sterling Tokens: Adept's Fort Sterling Crest Expert's Fort Sterling Crest Master's Fort Sterling Crest Grandmaster's Fort Sterling Crest Elder's Fort Sterling Crest
Lymhurst Tokens: Adept's Lymhurst Crest Expert's Lymhurst Crest Master's Lymhurst Crest Grandmaster's Lymhurst Crest Elder's Lymhurst Crest
Martlock Tokens: Adept's Martlock Crest Expert's Martlock Crest Master's Martlock Crest Grandmaster's Martlock Crest Elder's Martlock Crest
Thetford Tokens: Adept's Thetford Crest Expert's Thetford Crest Master's Thetford Crest Grandmaster's Thetford Crest Elder's Thetford Crest
Morgana Tokens: Adept's Morgana Crest Expert's Morgana Crest Master's Morgana Crest Grandmaster's Morgana Crest Elder's Morgana Crest
Undead Tokens: Adept's Undead Crest Expert's Undead Crest Master's Undead Crest Grandmaster's Undead Crest Elder's Undead Crest
Heretic Tokens: Adept's Heretic Crest Expert's Heretic Crest Master's Heretic Crest Grandmaster's Heretic Crest Elder's Heretic Crest
Demon Tokens: Adept's Demon Crest Expert's Demon Crest Master's Demon Crest Grandmaster's Demon Crest Elder's Demon Crest
Keeper Tokens: Adept's Keeper Crest Expert's Keeper Crest Master's Keeper Crest Grandmaster's Keeper Crest Elder's Keeper Crest