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Tools are items that are required to harvest resources in the world of Albion. They can either be equipped or kept in the inventory in order to harvest. If equipped they'll occupy the primary-hand and the secondary-hand slot and can be use as a weapon.

Players can harvest one tier above the tier of their tool. For example with a T2 axe, players can harvest T3 wood if they have unlocked the proper skill, but a t5 axe will be able to harvest flat 6 or 6.0 wood, but not the enchanted wood (6.1, 6.2, 6.3). Using tools to harvest one tier above takes more time.

Tools are crafted at the Toolmaker.

The left upper corner indicate number of Tiers while the lower right indicate quantity and durability. White mean 100% durability, green mean 1%-99% and red mean 0% and needed to be fixed at the Repair Station.

Types of tools