Trade Missions

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Trade missions are an activity available through Faction Warfare that involve purchasing city heart fragment resources in your faction city and transporting them to a smuggling post near another city. Trade routes lead deep into enemy territory, meaning the risks are high, and stealth and creativity are essential.

Requirements to Start

  • Have right amount of faction hearts, e.g. 3, 7 or 15
  • Stay below 100% weight (8.79% before the mission starts)
  • Must be flagged to the faction you wish to do a trade mission for

Requirements to Complete

  • Not get killed on a transport
  • Not lose the hearts from your inventory e.g. by putting it into your bank, chest, guild island bank, dropping it on death,etc.
  • Return to starting city after delivering hearts with the received hearts.
  • Not get overloaded on ANY part of your mission.

Smuggling Posts

  • While on a trade mission, entering any smuggling post (when not in active combat) gives you an invulnerability shield that lasts until you leave. As long as this shield is active you will be unable to use any spells, but still able to mount up.
  • After delivering the items to the smuggler, you'll gain an invisibility effect that lasts 30 sec. However, moving a certain distance away from the smuggling post will end the effect early, even if you look like you still have the invisibility.

Recommended Mounts

During a transport mission you are required to have a mount which has high weight capacity, however due to the need of speed the ox is out of the question, recommended mounts include:

  • Spectral Direboar (for the invisibility)
  • Grizzly Bear
  • Polar bear

Recommended food

  • Pork pies
  • Soup to avoid nasty incidents with mobs.