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Trading is the act of using knowledge of Supply and Demand and Local Economies to move good from one location to another for a profit. The best profits are usually made when player already have large amounts of silver to invest and therefore increase the quantity and total profit per trip to the markets. However, trading is something even brand new players can do with any amount of Silver and has no requirements or barriers.

Goods are to be sold at the Market Place at any of the Cities or at the Black Market in Caerleon. Fast-travel NPC's charge players an amount of silver depending upon the extent of their inventory and do not allow players to carry "luggage" (any items whatsoever) with them to the main city Caerleon which is on the Royal Continent. Prices can be vary different between cities, and this makes trading a very profitable profession.

How to Trade

Trading only matters if you make a profit. Prices vary based on Supply and demand and Local Economies. In general you want to move a cheap item from one local market to a local market where it is not as cheap.


  • Ox and Horse are vital to the trading profession. Moving items to where they are needed can make a lot of money. These animals allow the player to carry more weight, and in turn more items.
  • Silver while any amount can start the more the better

Trading can also be done between players either by buying the resources you need or by exchanging resources with them. Be careful trading resources as some players will wait until you accept the trade and change the item before it goes through. Always check before any approval to make sure the trade items are what you want.

Trading Tutorial (Player made)

Disclaimer: The game does not have a trading tutorial, this was a player made example that you can follow along with to successfully move your first set of good for guaranteed profit. Although not optimal it may be what you need to start trading at a larger scale once you see the profit to be made. In this tutorial/example we are going to be trading Luxury Goods

  1. Start in any major City and go to the marketplace. Preferably if you are nervous of PvP, do not pick Caerleon as it is only surrounded by red zones.
  2. Determine which city you wish to travel to. Once chosen find that city on the list of Luxury Goods
  3. Note the sell price given the tax rate. You must make sure you purchase the good for LESS than the highest tax price. For example if going to Fort Sterling and purchasing goods there, you much buy:
    1. Simple Stone Toy for less than 940 (non-premium tax)
    2. Stone Mask for less than 4700 (non-premium tax)
    3. Stone Idol for less than 23500 (non-premium tax)
  4. Make sure you purchase only the items for the city you are going to. Again see the table in Luxury Goods
  5. Now travel to the city through only blue and yellow zones. Don't worry, Yellow zones are considered mostly safe, and even if you are attacked and defeated, you will not drop any items, and only suffer a durability loss. For more information on traveling see: Travel
  6. Once you arrive at the city's marketplace, you sell at the set amount. By default, selling will give you the highest buy order which should be the set amount. See gallery below for luxury good price example.
  7. Congratulations you have taken your first trade to turn a profit. Now find better items to make money, or pick another city and buy up again.


Flipping, is the act of simply buying something low, and waiting for it to rise, sometimes never even moving the items. This can potentially be the highest profit in the game, but carries some risk. Flipping silver and gold on the gold exchange can also be considered a form of trading. To successfully flip you must consider and do the following:

  • Find items that are generally at a current price that is below market norm for a particular market and buy them
    • Be wary of tax rate, your margin should be higher than the tax cost to turn a profit
  • Patience is a virtue with flipping

Gold can be flipped anywhere and therefore its an attractive passive money making method. The idea of gold flipping however is a game of major patience and understanding why or predicting when prices will fluctuate. This is a skill acquired over time, that every merchant must master to make large sums of money with the least amount of effort.


Flipping while low time investment for money earned, requires time to make the purchases and sales. It is also considered "risky" as players can lose money on particular trades based on the flow of the market. For example, if a player unknowingly purchased a large sum of resources for higher than market average, the chances of them selling them for higher still, especially after tax, is unlikely, and they would incur a loss. Determining which items are low and will sell higher is a skill that separates the true merchants from casual players seeking to earn a quick and easy fortune. Flipping is a money making tactic that focuses on the long term revenue stream and not fortunes overnight.


Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
6 December 2017Kay Update
  • Improved the player-player trading UI, and increased number of stacks supported from 6 to 8