Transport Ox

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General Info

The Transport Ox is a relatively slow, but resilient mount that excels at carrying capacity. The Transport Ox is a Standard Mount.

The Transport Ox is the key mount for the trading profession. You'll see many players leaving and entering cities mounted on an ox, and with good reason; Transport Oxen increase the carrying capacity by 752kg beginning at tier 3. This capacity gets higher the higher the tier of the ox and the better the quality. A special version of the Transport Ox called the Legendary Explorer's Ox was given to all legendary founders, but it is possible to raise Oxen by growing an ox calf in a Pasture, and then saddle it at the Saddler, turning it into a Transport Ox.



The Transport Ox is the result of saddling an Ox at the Saddler using 30 planks of the respective tier.