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Albion Online feature a vast world of numerous continents to explore. There is not inherent "Fast Travel" like many other MMOs newer players may be used to. In order to get anywhere, you have two options:


Traveling in this game is easy. You just need to understand how the map works and how to read it. Essentially follow the yellow roads to get to other neighboring clusters. Once you understand this, you can then pick destinations and map your own course through clusters to get there. In general it is safe to travel in Yellow zones, but if you do not want to risk anything avoid Red Zones and Black Zones. For a list of all zone types and what they do see: Zones

Mechanics and How To

The world is broken down into Continents which are broken down into Clusters. These are the immediate "area" you are in. To move from one cluster to another, you need to find a cluster exit/entrance. These look like any entrances with glowing/shining stars to signify you will enter a new area and incur a loading screen.

Moving between Clusters

Step by Step

  1. Open you Map with "M" hotkey by default. Use information on Map to understand how to read it
  2. Chose a cluster you want to go to
  3. Look closely at the map for the yellow roads that tie them together. In general you want to find a path with the least number of clusters in between (the fastest route)
    1. Keep in mind the type of zones you will be going through. If you do not want to risk PvP and gear, then avoid red and black zones
  4. Follow the in game roads to the entrances to the other clusters along your route.


Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
8 June 2022Into the Fray UpdateJourney Back allows limited fast travel, reducing tedious travel times without affecting Albion's trade and transport economy. Players can fast travel to the last Hideout or City visited, as follows:
  • Journey Back is a mount spell on all non-battle mounts
  • Requires 15s channel which can be interrupted by damage - 60s cooldown
  • Costs Silver based on:
    • Number of zones the player would travel through:
      • Capped at 10
      • Teleporting into or out of the Roads assumes cap of 10
    • Zone type (Blue, Yellow, Red, Black)
    • Item Value of all equipped and inventory items
  • Can only be used in open world or Roads of Avalon
  • Disabled until player enters a Hideout or City again if:
    • They trade with another player
    • They retrieve items from any type of container players can put items into (e.g. Outland Banks)
    • They lose access to the Hideout they were bound to, or it is destroyed
  • The ability is temporarily disabled if:
    • Player exceeds 100% carry capacity
      • Dropping below 100% re-enables ability
    • Player is within a Zerg bubble (red bubble on the minimap)
      • Re-enabled after leaving bubble (checked every 10s)
    • Player has "Disarray" debuff
      • Re-enabled when debuff ends
    • Player has insufficient Silver for the fee
      • Re-enabled when player has enough Silver
    • Player has Outlaw debuff
      • Re-enabled when debuff ends
    • Player is returning from Faction trade mission
      • Re-enabled when mission is finished / abandoned / failed
4 March 2020Queen Patch 6
  • Adjusted travel cost modifiers for resources, laborer journals, and luxury goods
  • In most cases these were reduced by half, in the case of some T2 journals these were slightly increased
  • This will also result in a significant overall reduction to recovery costs for these items from Hideouts
  • Please note that this is only a first step in reviewing fast travel cost modifiers - we will continue to review these costs, and may adjust them further in future patches
  • 26 February 2020Queen Patch 5
    • In order to help players more efficiently move between the Outlands and Royal Continent without increasing power projection, players can now fast travel to a preset "Home" point when not carrying any gear or items. This is intended as a further optimization of the "Reset Home" status effect introduced with Queen Patch 3, and serves the same purpose without requiring players to use /suicide.
    • This means, for example, that players can now "naked fast travel" directly from a Hideout to a Royal City or Island
    • Additionally, non-tradable items now no longer factor into fast travel costs