Travel Planner

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A travel planner at the northeast of Thetford Central Plaza.


The Travel Planner is found north-east of the central plaza of every city, bearing the yellow compass icon on the local area map. For a reasonable amount of silver, Travel Planners allow you to instantly travel between cities and islands in The Royal Continent; and to and from hideouts and small towns in The Outlands.


  • The Travel Planner charges a silver fee when traveling to another city (including an island located in another city) based on the total value (determined by the travel cost modifier) of all items you currently carry.
  • Travelling naked and without any items in your inventory costs zero (0) silver.
  • The Travel Planner, however, will not charge travelling with non-tradeable items in the inventory.


  • The text "Travelling from this location does not permit luggage" will appear in the Travel Planner window. The "Luggage is not allowed - please remove all items from your inventory!" warning, typed in red, will also appear if a player has items equipped and in inventory.


Some classes of items incur a much higher silver fee when fast traveling, primarily raw and refined resources. This is to discourage instant market trading of these resources between cities, and maintains the profitability of running resources the long way (such as on a Transport Ox).