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General Information

The   Treeheart Treeheart is a Lymhurst City Resource

Treeheart may be obtained at the Faction Enlistment NPC, Smuggling Missions, or the Market Place

Treeheart may be used in refining to replace resources of Tier 4 and above of all enchantment levels

When considering the resource that the Treeheart will replace, it will replace the same as the main resource of the Biome around the Royal City it belongs to

Treeheart may also be used in crafting items

Craftable Items

Tier Item Name
4 Adept's Lymhurst Cape
4 Adept's Heretic Cape
5 Expert's Lymhurst Cape
5 Expert's Heretic Cape
5 Saddled Wild Boar
6 Master's Lymhurst Cape
6 Master's Heretic Cape
7 Grandmaster's Lymhurst Cape
7 Grandmaster's Heretic Cape
8 Elder's Lymhurst Cape
8 Elder's Heretic Cape
8 Elite Wild Boar
8 Lymhurst Warbanner

Additional City Resources

City Resources: