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A trophy is a furniture item that can be placed inside houses or guild halls to increase the happyness of laborers that live in the building.

There are different types of trophies.

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Generalist Trophy

Generalist_Trophies Image

Mercenary Trophy

Mercenary_Trophies Image

Gamekeeper Trophy

Gamekeeper Trophies Image
Gamekeeper Trophies

Prospector Trophy

Prospector Trophies Image
Prospector Trophies

Cropper Trophy

Cropper Trophies Image
Cropper Trophies

Stonecutter Trophy

Stonecutter Trophies Image
Stonecutter Trophies

Lumberjack Trophy

Lumberjack Trophies Image
Lumberjack Trophies

Fisherman Trophy

Fisherman Trophies Image
Fisherman Trophies

Special Trophies

These trophies give a bonus to all laborers, just like the generalist trophy, but they are harder to acquire.

Shark Trophy

Trophy Shark Image
Trophy Shark

Explorer's Looking Glass

Explorers Looking Glass Trophy Image
Explorers Looking Glass Trophy