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General Information

A trophy is a furniture item that can be placed inside a house or Guild Hall to increase the happiness of laborers that live in the building. There are different types of trophies which give happiness to different Laborers. Most trophies are available by using Trophy Journals or purchase on the Market Place.

Obtaining Trophies

There are two ways to get trophies:

  1. Purchase them from the Market Place
  2. Use full trophy journals to send out laborers to get the type of trophy that corresponds to the journal type and tier
    1. Any laborer can go on a general trophy job
    2. Only specific laborers can go on specialized Journal jobs.

The type and tier of journal used when sending laborers on jobs determines the trophies returned, as well as happiness for the amount returned. To obtain an Adventurer's Handbook for example, you would need to send a laborer on a job with a Tier 2 General Trophy Journal.

Happiness Information

  • Trophies add happiness up to three Laborers of the correct type. See Trophy Types section below for a list of types that correspond to which laborer they benefit.
  • Same type and tier trophies do not stack. (i.e. 2x T4 Ancient Scripture gives +5, same as having only 1)
  • A building may not contain a trophy of a tier higher than itself (i.e. the trophy must be the same tier or lower than the building)
  • Example Trophy layouts with happiness:
    • Poorly Configured:
      • x1 (T4) Ancient Scripture = +5 Happiness
      • x2 (T4) Ancient Scripture = +5 Happiness (No benefit from second trophy)
    • Optimally Configured: (assuming prospector laborer)
      • x1 (T2) Ore Sample = +10 Happiness
      • x1 (T3) Ore Sample + x1 (T2) Ore Sample = +20 Happiness

Optimal Happiness of Trophies in Houses

Table assumes max laborers and max bed and table configuration, leaving only 10 furniture slots in houses to split between specialized and general trophies of Tier 5 and higher houses. For more information on houses see: Houses

Tier Building Specialized Trophy Bonus General Trophy Bonus Total Trophy Happiness
2 10 5 15
3 20 10 30
4 30 15 45
5 40 20 60
6 50 25 75
7 60 20 80
8 70 15 85

As shown in the table, at Tier 6, the house with full trophies T2-T6 fills all 14 slots (assuming 3 labors max happiness) 3 beds + 1 Table + 5 Special trophies + 5 General trophies = 14 slot max. Once you go higher, the furniture slots do not increase, therefore you must replace a general trophy with a specialized one of a higher tier, so T2-T7 Specialization and any of the 4 Tiers of general (doesn't matter which).

Trophy Types

There are currently eight different categories of Trophies in Albion Online.

Fiber Trophy: Used to add happiness to Cropper Laborers

Fishing Trophy: Used to add happiness to Fisherman Laborers

General Trophy: Used to add happiness to all types of Laborers

Hide Trophy: Used to add happiness to Gamekeeper Laborers

Mercenary Trophy: Used to add happiness to Mercenary Laborers

Ore Trophy: Used to add happiness to Prospector Laborers

Stone Trophy: Used to add happiness to Stonecutter Laborers

Wood Trophy: Used to add happiness to Lumberjack Laborers

Available Trophies

Trophy Name Tier Category
Adventurer's Handbook 2 General
Explorer's Spyglass 3 General
Magical Tome 3 General
Ancient Scripture 4 General
Tome of Knowledge 5 General
Encyclopedia of Power 6 General
Occult Octavo 7 General
Ledger of Truths 8 General
Trophy Shark 8 General
Novice Mercenary's Trophy 2 Mercenary
Journeyman Mercenary's Trophy 3 Mercenary
Adept Mercenary's Trophy 4 Mercenary
Expert Mercenary's Trophy 5 Mercenary
Master Mercenary's Trophy 6 Mercenary
Grandmaster Mercenary's Trophy 7 Mercenary
Elder Mercenary's Trophy 8 Mercenary
Comfy Cotton Trophy 2 Fiber
Fine Flax Trophy 3 Fiber
Exquisite Hemp Trophy 4 Fiber
Soft Skyflower Trophy 5 Fiber
Comfy Redleaf Cotton Trophy 6 Fiber
Fine Sunflax Trophy 7 Fiber
Exquisite Ghost Hemp Trophy 8 Fiber
Carp Trophy 2 Fishing
Perch Trophy 3 Fishing
Pike Trophy 4 Fishing
Trout Trophy 5 Fishing
Zander Trophy 6 Fishing
Catfish Trophy 7 Fishing
Swordfish Trophy 8 Fishing
Stuffed Fox Head 2 Hide
Stuffed Wolf Head 3 Hide
Stuffed Boar Head 4 Hide
Stuffed Bear Head 5 Hide
Stuffed Direwolf Head 6 Hide
Stuffed Direboar Head 7 Hide
Stuffed Direbear Head 8 Hide
Copper Ore Sample 2 Ore
Tin Ore Sample 3 Ore
Iron Ore Sample 4 Ore
Titanium Ore Sample 5 Ore
Runite Ore Sample 6 Ore
Meteorite Ore Sample 7 Ore
Adamantium Ore Sample 8 Ore
Limestone Fragment 2 Stone
Sandstone Fragment 3 Stone
Travertine Fragment 4 Stone
Granite Fragment 5 Stone
Slate Fragment 6 Stone
Basalt Fragment 7 Stone
Marble Fragment 8 Stone
Birch Bonsai 2 Wood
Chestnut Bonsai 3 Wood
Pine Bonsai 4 Wood
Cedar Bonsai 5 Wood
Bloodoak Bonsai 6 Wood
Ashenbark Bonsai 7 Wood
Whitewood Bonsai 8 Wood