Trophy Shark

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General Information

The Trophy Shark is a Tier 8 trophy used to add +5 happiness to any Laborer

Trophy Shark is a furniture item that can be placed inside houses or guild halls to increase the happiness of laborers that live in the building

Trophy Shark is crafted at the Toolmaker or purchased on the Market Place

Trophies may be placed in a building and picked up again at any time

Trophies are considered a stackable item and may be stacked up to 999

Each tier of trophy gives a certain amount of happiness regardless of tier

Happiness gained from one trophy cannot be stacked with a duplicate trophy of the same tier

Trophies add happiness for up to three Laborers of the correct type

A building may not contain a trophy of a tier higher than itself (i.e. the trophy must be the same tier or lower than the building)

Crafting Requirements

In order to craft the Trophy Shark, players will need Silver and the following materials:

Trophy Shark
Material Tier 8.0
Shark 1
Whitewood Planks 4
Adamantium Steel Bar 2

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