Uncommon Skyflower

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Uncommon Skyflower

Uncommon Skyflower



Rare Skyflower

Exceptional Skyflower

Uncommon Skyflower is a tier 5.1 Resource. It can be refined or transmuted at an Expert or higher tier Weaver.

It can be gathered from plants in tier V-VII maps with a minimum Expert's Sickle (requires Expert Fiber Harvester unlocked in the Destiny Board)

Uncommon Skyflower is the main resource in Swamp biomes, the secondary resource in Steppe biomes, and the tertiary resource in Mountain biomes.

Gathering Uncommon Skyflower counts toward unlocking:

Gathering Uncommon Skyflower counts toward leveling:

Travel Cost Modifier x16
Weight 0.8kg
Transmuted from   Hemp
Transmuted into   Rare Skyflower
  Uncommon Redleaf Cotton
Refined into   Uncommon Ornate Cloth