Undead Lacedon

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Undead Lacedon

The Undead Lacedon is a Bossmob found in Undead Faction Randomized Dungeons, introduced with the Oberon update. Difficulty: Easy-Medium

Image of Acidic Waste (Pools)

Boss Mechanics

Low auto attack damage output, but hits fairly fast (once every second)

  • Acidic Waste (Breath): Casts Acidic Waste Breath every 15th second for the entire encounter.
  • Acidic Waste (Pools): Spits Acidic Waste Pools on the ground every 7th second for the entire encounter. These deadly pools last until replaced by the third spitted pool, meaning that he can only have two pools down at any given time.
  • Acidic Trail: Where ever Lacedon walks, he leaves a Trail of Acid which slows your movement speed by 60%. This trail does not deal any damage, but makes you vulnerable to the other abilites.



Image of Acidic Waste (Breath)
Image of Acidic Trail