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Hi, welcome to my user page. I discovered Albion Online November of 2020 and have been really into it. I come from a long-time love of RuneScape and this game fills the need for competitive PvP. My main reason for shifting is that Albion Online has a more skill-rewarding combat system as opposed to the randomness of some MMOs, namely RuneScape in which RNG decides when you hit and miss. My endgame is PvP in any form except ganking. While fun on paper in practice there is a lot of waiting, then running/chasing and the while it may make money isn't very exciting. The adrenaline from someone ready to fight and besting them is where I get my fix.

If you would like to reach out please find me on Discord in the Albion Online channel or throw something on my talk page

Source code examples


File:TinNode.png|Tin node
File:TinNodeDepleted.png|Depleted tin node
File:Mining3.png|Iron node

Blk's Sandbox

This is where I try out some template creations, coding and wiki-related work. You can ignore this or take a look if you want to do the same :)

WIP templates currently

Note: Helpful styles- MediaWiki:Common.css


  • Make general info on weapon clean with properties

Need Code Review


Test input: cursestaff,curse staff, cursedstaff, Curse staff, CurseStaff, No Change Case, no change lower case

End: Template:Ao standard name v2