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Hi, welcome to my user page. I just discovered Albion Online November of 2020 and have been really into it. I come from a long time love of RuneScape and this game fills the need for competitive PvP. My main reason for shifting is that Albion Online has a more skill rewarding combat system as opposed to the randomness of some MMOs, namely RuneScape in which RNG decides when you hit and miss. My goal is to farm money and fame while documenting the best ways here on the wiki for more new players to enjoy. My endgame, is PvP.

If you would like to reach out to me please find me on Discord in the Albion Online channel or throw something on my talk page

Blk's Quick References

Source code examples


<gallery> File:TinNode.png|Tin node File:TinNodeDepleted.png|Depleted tin node File:Mining3.png|Iron node </gallery>

Blk's Sandbox

This is where I try out some template creations, coding and wiki-related work. You can ignore this or take a look if you want to do the same :)




if statements

Example If:

{{#if: {{{tieredItemName|}}}

| yes

| }}

Example ifeq:

{{#ifeq: this|that

|they are equal

|they're not...}}

My var is: Blkandwhtlion. Odd.

Example switch:

{{#switch: my value

| NotIt = nope

| my value = yup

|Default Value}}

Semantic Table Testing

Basically, all columns can be properties of the page if set through templates. Need to determine the split between category/property setup and bring to guardian team.

Weapon NameTierWeightDescriptionItem valueShop categoryShop subcategoryAttack typeAttack speedAttack damageItem power
Adept's Broadsword45.1 kgEquipment Item336meleesword700
Beginner's Broadsword11.5 kgEquipment Item0meleesword100
Elder's Broadsword825.6 kgEquipment Item6,096meleesword1,100
Expert's Broadsword57.6 kgEquipment Item720meleesword800
Grandmaster's Broadsword717.1 kgEquipment Item3,024meleesword1,000
Journeyman's Broadsword33.4 kgEquipment Item144meleesword500
Master's Broadsword611.4 kgEquipment Item1,488meleesword900
Novice's Broadsword22.3 kgEquipment Item48meleesword300

Template WIP

Test area


WIP templates currently

Craft Components Template

Crafting Materials

The following Blkandwhtlion requires the follwing materials to craft:

  Rough Stone X 10

  Rough Logs X 10

  Blkandwhtlion X 1Rough StoneRough LogsBlkandwhtlion

Craft uses

Page: Blkandwhtlion

Used to Craft

Var Name: Blkandwhtlion Blkandwhtlion

Templates in Code Review